15 Of The Best Christmas Salads With Winter Vegetables

This recipe for a classic salad is foolproof. Additionally, the Christmas season will be so festive with the red and green hues.

Caprese Salad

Try a fresh, crunchy green bean salad as an alternative to a side of mushy green beans. It's tart, colorful, and simple to prepare in advance.

Green Bean Salad

Salad on a stick is a fun holiday appetizer to get things started. It's a simple method for serving salad to a large group.

Chef's Salad on a Stick

We enjoy Brussels sprouts prepared in any way, but a raw salad served with them is surprisingly tasty. The shaved vegetables resemble a slaw thanks to the crunchy almonds and sweet, dried cranberries.

Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad

Even though salad may not be what comes to mind when you think of Christmas dinner, you should still include it on your menu. In fact, these lovely Christmas salads may alter the way you approach preparing the holiday meal.

The Best Christmas Salads

This broccoli salad is ideal if you're going to a Christmas potluck or just need a dish to prepare ahead of time and serve at home. Thanks to the dried cranberries, it has a creamy, crunchy, and mildly sweet texture.

Broccoli Salad

This salad recipe is unique because it also works as a party dip. While you prepare the rest of your holiday meal, nibble on the festively green dish.

Green Goddess Chicken Salad Dip

This colorful salad will dazzle every visitor. Plate the roasted beets, grapefruit, and baby lettuces over a big dollop of the vivid pink beet vinaigrette to give the dish a fancy presentation.

Roasted Beet Salad

We adore stuffed salads, especially around the holidays. This recipe contains a lot of hearty ingredients, including wild rice, apples, pecans, and bacon.

Holiday Wild Rice Salad

A fruit salad, that is, that is crisp and flavorful, is what your Christmas brunch deserves! Make this with a syrup that has been infused with mint for a festive touch of sweetness.

Red and Green Fruit Salad with Mint Syrup

Fresh vegetables, leftover roasted squash, candied nuts, and winter fruit are all included in this vibrant salad. Any holiday table will look stunning with it.

Ultimate Winter Salad

This traditional salad is a favorite all year long. It goes well with roasted potatoes, roast chicken, or even lamb chops.

Greek Salad

For your Christmas dinner or any hearty Italian meal, consider serving this salad as the starter. Sliced pepperoni, salami, cheese, and marinated vegetables are among the tasty ingredients it contains.

Antipasti Chopped Salad

This holiday season, replace the heavy green bean casserole with something a little more delicate but still delicious. Fresh green beans, canned beans, and a tasty red wine vinaigrette are the ingredients in this salad that is suitable for a potluck.

Classic Three-Bean Salad

Even though salmon isn't one of the customary seven fishes, it makes a tasty substitute for your Christmas Eve meal. Serve it with goat cheese, sautéed mushrooms, and a bed of hearty kale greens.

Kale Salad with Salmon

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