The 10 Best Egg Substitutes To Use When Baking

The good news is that once you determine how the egg in your recipe contributes to the result, it's easier to determine which option on this list is best for you. Some of the stand-ins have specific functions like moistening, while others are well-rounded substitutes.

The 10 Best Egg Substitutes To Use When Baking

This quantity covers you for only one egg, so if your recipe calls for several eggs, adjust the amounts. Add the flax and water mixture to the recipe at the same point that you would add the eggs.

1. Ground flaxseed

Whey powder is an ideal alternative if you cannot use eggs in your baking but want something with a similar makeup, according to Think USA Dairy. Like eggs, whey powder is high in protein and supplies structure to the baked goods you're making.

2. Whey protein

For an easy baking ingredient swap everyone should know, try replacing eggs with applesauce. Whether you are in a pinch or just want to try something new, this practice works perfectly. Using store-bought applesauce is an effortless way to accomplish this hack.

3. Applesauce

Arrowroot powder is a solid stand-in for recipes where the egg is necessary to bind and create a softer texture. However, it will not assist the leavening process, so only use it in recipes where a leavening agent is already present.

4. Arrowroot powder

Utilizing mashed banana in place of an egg is one of the brilliant cooking tips we learned from our parents. This trick is convenient because bananas are a common food in the average kitchen, so if you need a quick fix, it's easily on hand.

5. Mashed bananas

Vegetable oil and water might just be one of the best quick fixes when you're missing an ingredient like eggs. Since many recipes for baked goods already call for these components, there's a high chance you have them on hand and maybe even out on the counter.

6. Vegetable oil and water

Xanthan gum is a great substitute for eggs in baking formulas that need a leavening boost or added structural support. This ingredient won't necessarily do anything in the moisture department, so try using it in recipes where that aspect is covered.

7. Xanthan gum

If you're looking for a surprising ingredient you didn't realize you can swap for eggs in baked goods, try aquafaba. Simply put, it is the liquid you find in a can of chickpeas — yes, the stuff you usually pour down the drain.

8. Aquafaba

Silken tofu has a similar makeup to eggs as far as its consistency and protein composition, which is why the TikTok favorite makes a perfect egg substitute. People use it for all sorts of foods, from hearty main course dishes to sugary sweet treats.

9. Silken tofu

If you haven't come across the products on store shelves, there are various commercial egg substitutes to use in your recipes. Several companies make vegan imitation egg products, which is likely how the next generation may order its eggs.

10. Commerical egg substitutes

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