The Best Type Of Herb To Cook With Tough Meats

The hands-down best method for tackling any tough cut of meat is cooking it "low and slow," per Thrillist.

Low And Slow Is The Way To Go

You don't want to spend your money on herbs and spices that you won't be able to taste in your slow-cooked meat, so skip using basil, parsley, chervil, tarragon, and other light herbs. For braising and slow-roasting, look to heartier flavors that can stand up to long heat.

Herbs For Slow Cooking

Depending on which meat you choose, go for spices and herbs that are whole or on the stem. For example, black peppercorns have no problem standing up to braising or roasting, and the same is true for bay leaves, whole cumin, anise, and annatto seeds.

Herbs For Slow Cooking

According to The New York Times, rosemary can even reduce some toxins produced by grilling meats. Plus it's easy to use — simply add a sprig or two to your braising liquid, or roughly chop the needles and add to your spice rub.

Herbs For Slow Cooking

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