The Freshness And Flavors Of The Produce In Each Bite

They celebrate culinary emotions at Under The Neem, which serves a cuisine designed by Chef Gajendra Singh Chauhan himself.

The Freshness And Flavors Of The Produce In Each Bite

Growing up in the middle of a family-run hotel, I was always excited to help my grandfather in the kitchen during my school days.

How Did You Decide To Go To Culinary School And Pursue Cooking As A Career?

Most of our vegetable and fruit produce comes from the company’s sister brand -Sabz Bagh, an organic farm based out of Chattarpur.

Have You Had Trouble Sourcing Ingredients?

Sustainable food practices guide our cuisine. As I mentioned, our menu changes from season to season and features locally grown fruits and vegetables, organic food and mindfully sourced meat, fish and poultry.

What Is Your Food Philosophy?

Mixing it with olive oil gives me a creamy vegan sauce that elevates my salads. Chocolate & Tahini fusion is decadent. We often swap peanut butter with tahini in desserts too.

Is There A Secret Ingredient That You Love To Cook With?

The goal of sustainable ingredients is to minimise the impact our food has on the planet.

What Are Your Thoughts On Sustainable Ingredients?

I would also like to share some quick tips for your readers on choosing sustainable ingredients. It’s as simple as buying local and seasonal produce. Always look for sustainable labels and start your kitchen garden.

What Are Your Thoughts On Sustainable Ingredients?

Here is the recipe. 20 gms Kumatiya seeds 100 gm curd 5 gm Green Coriander, chopped 1 tsp Mustard seeds ½ tsp Turmeric powder Black Salt, to taste

Kumatiye ka Raita.

Method 1. Wash the kumatiya seeds and soak them in hot water for half an hour. 2. Heat some oil. Add mustard seeds and turmeric powder. 3. Add to the curd and add in the seeds.

Kumatiye ka Raita.

4. Season with black salt and finish with green coriander. It was also a major ingredient for the Panchkuta ki Sabji.

Kumatiye ka Raita.

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