The Right Way to Make Scrambled Eggs for Fluffy, Delicious Results Every Time

t's first important to define sub-par scrambled eggs. They might be rubbery and chewy or dry and crumbly—they might also have the occasional crunch of eggshell, be tinged with brown or gray, or taste more like the pan than an egg.

Defining Perfect Scrambled Eggslime

No special equipment is needed to cook delicious scrambled eggs. Use a good nonstick skillet and a heat-proof silicone spatula—that's it.

What You'll Need

In addition to eggs, you'll need butter and milk, cream, or water, plus salt and pepper. Butter is our go-to for cooking scrambled eggs, but go ahead and use olive oil or bacon grease if you prefer.

How to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs

First, break the eggs into a bowl. Tap each one on a flat surface (like the countertop) rather than on the edge of the bowl for the cleanest break. This move will reduce the likelihood of getting shattered bits of shell in the mix.

Crack the Eggs

Next, use a fork to whisk the eggs, completely incorporating the yolks and whites into one sunny yellow mixture and whipping in a small amount of air for extra fluffiness.

Add Moisture and Mix

Preheat a nonstick skillet on low heat before adding anything to it. Next, melt a generous pat of butter and swirl the pan to coat the whole surface. Only once the pan is heated and the butter is sizzling, add the whisked egg mixture.

Cook With Care

Your scrambled eggs are at their pinnacle of perfection—now is the time to eat. Don't delay in portioning the eggs onto warmed plates (buttered toast, bacon, or a simple green salad are great accompaniments) and enjoy a perfect little feast.

Serve Immediately

Impatience is probably the number-one enemy of successful scrambled eggs. After all, this is supposed to be a quick dish! It might be tempting to speed things along even more, but the following mistakes only lead to lackluster results:

Common Scrambled Egg Mistakes

– Cracking eggs directly into the pan – Not waiting for the pan to heat up – Leaving the stove and multitasking instead of stirring – Using whatever pan and spatula are handy – Cranking up the heat to cook the eggs faster – Jumping the gun and cooking the eggs before you're ready to eat

Common Scrambled Egg Mistakes

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