These Are the Top Food Trends We Saw in 2023

In Google’s annual Year in Search report we learned the top ten searches for recipes and ‘how to cook’ queries. The results were pretty varied across the board, with people looking for easy recipes like mashed potato and jaffles as well as more complex feeds like cooking tomahawk steaks and squid.

Top food trends

– Dahl recipe – Ezy sauce recipe – Drunken chicken recipe – Mash potato recipe – Salmon patties recipe – Jaffle recipes – Fish tacos recipe – Egg salad recipe – Butter cream icing recipe – Lamb stew recipe

Top recipe search queries

– How to cook tripe – How to cook corn on the cob – How to cook bunya nuts – How to cook bok choy – How to cook broccoli – How to cook pearl couscous

Top ‘How to cook’ search queries

TikTok has also become a provider of all things good and food-like over the past couple of years and the FoodTok trend continued in 2022. As outlined in TikTok’s yearly report, these videos of delicious make-at-home meals and easy cooking hacks surged in popularity.

Top ‘How to cook’ search queries

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