Things To Do On New Year’s Eve That Don’t Involve Going Out

For every reason to go out, there's a million more to stay home on New Year's Eve.

Things To Do On New Year’s Eve That Don’t Involve Going Out

No one likes offering to host the house party. At least, no one who values getting their bond back. But when the options to go out are scarce, the pressure to put it all on the line for a good time is palpable.

Host A Dinner Party

If the good lord didn't want us to pass the time living vicariously through others, he wouldn't have invented the movie. Pick a New Year's Eve-adjacent film from this list or a different one entirely and ignore the minutes ticking over past midnight.

Watch A Movie

A friend of mine recently said that FOMO hits the hardest between the hours of 4pm and 9pm. Once you're clean and comfortably tucked in your bed, you'll realise how disgustingly happy you are with your choice to stay in and save money.

A Night Of Self-care

You can do this by setting a New Year's resolution or, as has become more popular, creating one of the "more and less" lists.


The point is, invite the people over who have zero expectation for you to dress up, the ones who you can sit around a table playing board games or cards with while the fireworks pop off in the background, and you all snack on whatever food is lying about, feeling content.

Invite Your Nearest And Dearest Over

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