13 Tips  For Making Soups Taste Better

Did you know that January is National Soup Month? We did, which is why we wanted to remind you of just how glorious a bowl of soup truly is and encourage your soup-making spirit. When it's cold outside, soup warms you up, and homemade soup feels like a bowlful of home.

13 Tips For Making Soups Taste Better

There's nothing better than a hearty bowl of soup full of nutritious goodness. Imagine sinking your spoon into the delicious broth and tasting that thick stew-like warmth. Now imagine your spoon appears with watery soup that spills over the side.

1. Thicken Soup Up With Instant Mash

If you've made your own stock and want to simmer all your soup goodies in it, it's not so easy to get the right ratio of liquid and other ingredients just right.

2. Create A Beurre Manié For A Thicker Soup

Butternut squash soup is too good: It's little wonder that this robust vegetable is so perfect for making a hearty soup. To make butternut squash soup, all you have to do is peel the squash and then take out the gooey bit inside, and then chop it into cubes.

3. Peel Butternut Pumpkins Easily For Soup

Egg drop soup is a classic Asian recipe that is made from raw eggs being dropped into hot broth, with other ingredients added, such as chopped scallions or little cubes of firm tofu. You can also add tomatoes or green peas. This is certainly a unique soup, and it's an interesting way to eat eggs, for sure.

4. Create Fluffier Egg Soup

You know you don't have to be feeling under the weather to enjoy some delicious chicken soup. Not only is it a wonderful winter warmer, but it's delicious for an after-work dinner on any night of the week, a weekend lunch that warms the cockles of your heart, or even a supper curling up with a steaming bowl.

5. Use Pre-roasted Chicken

Who doesn't love ramen? What makes this soup so special are those sublimely soft noodles and the fact that the right way to eat it is to slurp it. Sucking up the noodles as you dip into the soup allows them to cool off, which allows you to really taste all those fine flavors.

6. Enhance Ramen Soup

Every good home cook knows that the secret to a successful soup is in the stock. Yes, you can buy good quality stock from the store or add in herbs and spices along with ingredients to create a rich depth of flavor.

7. Clarify Homemade Stock

Whether you're channeling the salt-throwing antics of Salt Bae or you just love really seasoned salt, it's easy to end up going too far. While under-seasoned soup can be a bit bland, if your broth is too salty, then it can be ruined and not appetizing in the least.

8. Take Out The Excess Salt

Spending time in the kitchen mindfully making a healthy, nutritious soup sounds nourishingly therapeutic for the mind and body.

9. Upgrade Boxed Soup

The season 2 storyline of the Netflix series "Emily In Paris" involves the eponymous character coming up with a marketing idea to create magic leek soup (via Netflix Life).

10. Make Magic Leek Soup

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