Try These New Year's Eve Food Traditions To Make 2023 Your Luckiest Year Yet

The new year is approaching, which means it's time for last-minute shopping, planning meals to make at your holiday dinner.

Try These New Year's Eve Food Traditions To Make 2023 Your Luckiest Year Yet

Eating black eyed peas with collard greens is one of the most classic and traditional NYE superstitions in the southern United States.

Eat Black-eyed Peas And Collard Greens

Fans of pork chops, pulled pork sandwiches, and pork sausage will rejoice when they learn that this delicious meat is said to bring luck in the new year.

Eat Pork, Not Chicken

According to The Japan Times, eating soba noodles, or toshikoshi, on New Year's Eve is a common Japanese tradition to bring good luck, fortune, happiness, and wealth into the year ahead.

Enjoy Some Soba Noodles

Another tradition that stems from the American south is starting the new year off with a stocked pantry and refrigerator in order to bring abundance into the next year. A

Restock Your Pantry

Eating lentils during the new year holiday is said to bringing wealth and potential prosperity, according to the History Channel.

Dine On Lentils

A common superstition around NYE is to not take anything outside between midnight on New Year's Eve and January 2, in order to avoid possibly throwing out your good luck charms and positive vibes.

Don't Take Out The Garbage

This tradition has its origins in Spain, but many people in the United States practice it as well.

Eat 12 Grapes At Midnight

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