We Spend The Old Year And Meet The New 2023 With Our Favorite Recipes

Year-end lists are somewhat daunting to put together. By December, who even remembers what happened in January? But they’re a chance to look back, to remember the days, months and meals of our recent pasts.

We Spend The Old Year And Meet The New 2023 With Our Favorite Recipes

I probably make a batch of these Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookies every month or so.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s the perfect mix of crunchy, savory and creamy and I push it on everyone I know.

Vegan Caesar Salad With Crisp Chickpeas

I can’t even count how many times I made Ali Slagle’s arugula salad with Parmesan for lunch or as a side with dinner. I’m craving it as I write this.

Chicken Piccata

The recipe is easy on all cooks, and it turns out restaurant-quality results faster than I can figure out a takeout order.

Glazed Tofu With Chile and Star Anise

It’s everything I want in a late fall drink: citrusy, not-too-boozy, not-too-sweet!

Classic Sherry Cobbler Image

Impromptu or last-minute lunches, whatever the weather, had me turning to Mark Bittman’s simple carrot soup as a template.

Curried Carrot and Coconut Soup

I can’t tell you how many times this perfect, quietly magical five-star recipe swooped in to save me and the browning bananas on my kitchen counter.

Banana Snacking Cake With Salted Caramel Glaze

I use a lot of celery but rarely enough to use up all that I’ve bought. That, at least, was the case before I discovered Alexa Weibel’s recipe for celery-leek soup with potato and parsley, my new favorite thing to make for casual dinner parties.

Crispy Chickpea Pancakes With Roasted Mushroom Salad

This year, I fell in love with a couple of pasta. First, there was Genevieve Ko’s chile crisp fettuccine Alfredo, which is so simple and so satisfying, filling but never heavy.

Chile Crisp Fettuccine Alfredo With Spinach Image

This tuna melt from Lidey Heuck is the perfect marriage between a grilled cheese and tuna salad sandwich — ultimate diner food!

Tuna Melt

This year, I craved one thing more than anything else: chewiness. That resulted in cooking many noodle dishes, consuming copious amounts of bread and keeping a bag of mochiko flour at the ready so I could make Genevieve Ko’s butter mochi whenever the craving struck.

Butter Mochi

I’m always trying to cook different recipes from our database, and I’m extremely bad at sticking to routines, so it’s rare that I cook any dish truly on repeat.

Crispy Parmesan Eggs

This was the year I learned to truly love raw silken tofu. With just a handful of ingredients — and minutes — Hetty McKinnon’s recipe turns a humble container of tofu into a meal that’s bright yet satisfying.

Silken Tofu With Spicy Soy Dressing

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