What Is Aquafaba? Why This Chickpea Juice Will Change Your Life 

Any pulse (edible seeds taken from the plant of the legume family) can produce aquafaba. It’s merely the liquid used to cook a batch of these dried seeds. Examples of pulses include dry beans, lentils, dry peas, dry broad beans, and chickpeas, among others.

What Is Aquafaba?

While traditional baking recipes often call for chicken eggs, many elect to use a vegan alternative, like aquafaba, because of the ethical and environmental issues associated with the egg industry.

Why Use Aquafaba Instead Of Eggs?

Many also choose to use aquafaba or other vegan eggs for health reasons. While chicken eggs contain cholesterol aquafaba is totally cholesterol-free. It’s also low in calories and contains traces of calcium, B vitamins, folate, and iron.

Is Aquafaba Healthier Than Eggs?

It can also be added directly into some recipes without prior beating, though this depends on what the aquafaba is used for. If the goal is to achieve lift, beating is necessary. However, it is not necessary to beat the aquafaba if it is just acting as a binder.

How To Use Aquafaba

While not as finicky as full-fat coconut milk when making vegan whipped cream from scratch (we’ve gone through so many “dud” cans), there are certain tips to keep in mind when working with aquafaba.

Aquafaba Tips

As mentioned above, the liquid should always be syrupy like an egg white. If it’s too loose, reduce over the stove until this consistency is reached. Before adding aquafaba to any recipe, be sure it is either chilled or at least room temperature.

Pay Attention To Consistency And Temperature

Before adding sugar, whip the liquid for at least 3 minutes or until it has turned a pristine white and doubled in size. A handheld electric mixer could work in a pinch, but it truly helps to use a stand mixer when preparing aquafaba—your arms will thank you.

Whip Thoroughly

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