What You Will Need To Prepare Delicious Ham

A 9x3x13-inch roasting pan is a decent size to search for. The pan should be big enough for the ham to fit properly inside without touching the sides. Hot cooking liquids won't splash or spill if they are buried three to four inches deep.

What You’ll Need

Thermometer for meat: To make sure your ham is hot all the way through, use an ovenproof or instant-read thermometer. Since most hams are precooked, this may sound strange, but you're looking for 140°F when reheating precooked ham, so it's difficult to gauge internal temperature without a thermometer.

What You’ll Need

You can roast your ham in more than one pan, so don't worry. Consider using one of these: a sheet pan; only keep in mind to handle cautiously as hot juices can splash or spill more easily in this low-sided pan. a large casserole dish with deep sides. a broiler pan with a grated top that fit inside.

What if I don’t have a roasting pan?

The short answer is that although rural hams are dry cured and may require soaking for a day or more before cooking, city hams are wet cured and frequently come precooked and even presliced.

How to Pick the Perfect Ham

Town ham Since most of the preparation consists of reheating and flavoring, it is simple. Due to curing, city ham has a mild flavor and is quite juicy. Usually, a cure made of salt, water, sugar, and spices is injected into this kind of ham.

How to Pick the Perfect Ham

The ham is occasionally smoked following. Usually, it comes cooked and sliced. It typically comes with or without bones. A well-liked variety of city ham that has been cut into uniform pieces all the way around the bone is spiral-cut ham.

How to Pick the Perfect Ham

Country ham: Unlike city ham, country ham is preserved by dry curing, which is the process of rubbing the meat with a mixture of salt, sugar, and spices before smoking and aging for a length of time ranging from a few weeks to a year. This kind of ham is frequently extremely salty, necessitating soaking before cooking.

How to Pick the Perfect Ham

Prior to the invention of refrigeration, this method of preservation was widely used throughout the South and is still used in local cuisine today. As a result, the meat has a strong flavor, is salty, and has a tender texture. It is normally sold bone-in and is available both cooked and uncooked.

How to Pick the Perfect Ham

This is a simple part. You should prepare 34 pounds of bone-in ham each person. You'll need a half-pound of boneless ham for each guest. Therefore, a 10-pound boneless ham or a 15-pound bone-in ham would be appropriate purchases for 20 guests.

How Much Ham Should I Buy?

The classic holiday ham has a diamond pattern etched into its surface. Why do people do this? Good question! Scoring the rind of the ham in this way catches the glaze and better flavors the ham. It’s quite easy to do and makes for a stunning presentation. See how it’s done in the recipe below.

What’s with the Hatching?

Now, let’s walk through the steps of roasting a ham using a fully cooked, bone-in (city) ham.

How to Bake Ham

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