7 Wonderfully Delicious Christmas Treats


7. Spritz cookies

Spritz is a traditional Christmas cookie, and is always found on the table when my family gets together during this holiday. These small sweets need the use of a special cookie press, but you can always prepare a batch of dough, fold it into balls, and squeeze it on a baking sheet to get a wonderful cookie. Even if they don’t turn out as nice as the pressed variety, they are still tasty! To my mind these cookies are addicting because of the amount of butter they have (1 and 1/2 cups.)

I consider these delicious Christmas treats the best making for the holidays. Sometimes I try a new recipe for the seasonal dish of treats I hand to friends and family members, but I have made these 7 for years. I don’t think I’ll ever stop making any of these treats. Would you like to share some special treats that you make every Christmas?