36 Food Infographics To Share With Your Foodie Friends


Food infographics teach us about so many things in the world of food and probably the most supportive are those that increase our technical knowledge. They form helpful reference aides or assistant diaries when we’re working in our kitchens, preparing food for the family or entertaining. Let’s take at some infographics about food.

1. Grilled Vegetables Guide

2. 38 Types Of Coffee Drinks

3. Chinese Food

4. Master “Fusion” Cooking

5. Cake Commitments

6. Grilling Guide

7. Food Safety

8. Thanksgiving Planner

9. Guide To Flavoring With Spices

10. Kitchen Cheat Sheet

11. Spending Less On Food

12. A Beginner’s Guide To Sushi

13. How To Grill Meat

14. Wine Glasses

15. Beer & Food Pairings

16. Make No Mis-Steaks

17. How To Make A Perfect Smoothie

18. Home Canning Basics

19. Cooking Utensils

20. Knife Cuts

21. Tea Time

22. Pomegranates

23. Grilling

24. The Shelf Life Of Food

25. Wine And Cheese

26. Wine Dessert Pairings

27. Kitchen Conversions For Baking

28. How To Order Coffee Around The World

29. Kitchen Knives

30. Leftovers

31. Drinking Customs

32. Spices By Cuisine

33. Cake Management

34. Place Settings

35. How To Marinate

36. Conversions

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