30 Infographics to Help You Prepare for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a warm holiday known worldwide, although it is celebrated en masse only in Canada and the United States. If you’re not quite ready yet, don’t worry, we’ve prepared 30 infographics about Thanksgiving to help you.

1. Calculator For A Perfect Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in the United States is a long-standing holiday with a deep history that goes back to 1620. The main tradition of celebration is to spend this day with family and close friends to be with those you are grateful for every minute of communication. However, sometimes calculating how much you need for the perfect holiday isn’t easy, and the infographic below will help.

2. What Size Turkey Should I Buy?

The fourth Thursday in November is a special day in the United States. Thanksgiving turkey in America has become a kind of symbol of the holiday. The bird, baked whole in the oven, is served at the table, at which the whole family traditionally gathers. The infographic below will help you choose the perfect turkey for the table.

3. Thanksgiving Table Setting Guide

The Thanksgiving dinner table is sure to include dishes like the roasted turkey in cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and mashed potatoes. Before eating, the family usually thanks God and each other for all the good things that have happened to them over the past year.

4. Fun Facts Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is known as a celebration for the whole world. Americans usually spend the holiday with family and closest friends. At the same time, a turkey in cranberry sauce is obligatory on the table, which was eaten by the first settlers at a feast with the Indians. More interesting facts about Thanksgiving can be found below.

5. Another Fun Thanksgiving Facts

Thanksgiving Day is an American public holiday celebrated annually on the fourth Thursday in November. However, the main tradition is a gala family dinner held at the home of the eldest family member. Below we will tell even more fascinating facts about the main family holiday, which all residents of the United States fervently love.

6. Definitive Per-Person Guide To Planning Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving should be prepared in advance. Luckily, we’re here to help every step of the way with an infographic on planning your Thanksgiving below.

7. DNA Of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to spend time with loved ones. It’s a great holiday to give thanks to loved ones and, of course, to eat a delicious dinner. The infographic below will help you make this Thanksgiving unforgettable.

8. Thanksgiving Meal In Calories

Thanksgiving is a particular time for many dishes and unique drinks. So many dishes are associated with Thanksgiving, without which many people consider the holiday incomplete. So you can get the most out of the holiday and not have to deal with counting calories, we’ve done it all for you.

9. Top 10 Tips For Cooking The Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

The closer the holiday gets, the greater the excitement about how to cook the juiciest and, of course, tastiest turkey. It’s a family Thanksgiving dinner staple. Below, we share the secrets to the perfect turkey and avoid common mistakes.

10. Thanksgiving Lasagna Recipe

Although lasagna is a traditional Italian dish, it is prevalent during Thanksgiving. The dish is sheets of dough layered with various fillings. And like any pasta, lasagna is delicious and hearty.

11. How And When To Market For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a U.S. national holiday celebrated on the second, fourth Thursday in November in the United States. The United States is strongly associated with it, although its original meaning is unknown to everyone. More nuances on preparing for this momentous day can be found below.

12. Thanksgiving By The Numbers

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular holidays in America. On the first holiday, colonists and Indians roasted and shared four turkeys shot in the nearby woods. Since then, turkey and Thanksgiving have become synonymous, with poultry farmers fattening turkeys specifically for a holiday.

13. 10 Thanksgiving Staples For A Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the major holidays in the United States. Thanksgiving dinner brings the whole family together around a table that symbolizes well-being and prosperity. A few healthy alternatives for the table can be found below.

14. 5 Healthier Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwiches

To make the most of your Thanksgiving budget, you can make delicious and innovative dishes from leftover turkey and mashed potatoes. Below we’ll look at specific suggestions and show you how to combine them with other ingredients to make new and original dishes.

15. Getting To The Thanksgiving Table

The American holiday of Thanksgiving is very kind, warm, family-friendly, and cozy. But, it has a long and complicated history. So does the list of dishes that appear on the table on this day. The infographic below tells you how to get to your destination quickly and without delay.

16. Thanksgiving Planner

Looking for ideas on how to plan a Thanksgiving dinner? Everything you need to remember is conveniently gathered in the infographic below. We’re here to help you with your planning to make every Thanksgiving perfect.

17. 10 Healthy Alternatives For A Traditional Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday in November, meaning it has no fixed date. People see this holiday as an excuse to spend time with family around the holiday table and express gratitude to their loved ones. Traditional dishes are served at the Thanksgiving table, but we offer practical alternatives below.

18. Turkey Carving In 5 Easy Steps

Turkey is the queen of any table, especially on Thanksgiving. But, before you get down to carving, you should study infographic below. It all starts with the preparatory step. That’s what the following will be about.

19. Thanksgiving Turkey Thaw Times

If you’re getting ready for the holiday and have a frozen turkey stocked in your freezer, now is the time to cook it. Below, we’ll look at how to choose a turkey and defrost it so you don’t damage the meat’s delicate flavor. So don’t worry about not having time to defrost it.

20. 11 Genius Turkey Day Hacks You’ll Be Thankful For

A fantastic holiday like Thanksgiving is celebrated with family. What better way to spend Thanksgiving than with loved ones together in a cozy setting over a sumptuous holiday dinner? But, of course, you want to prepare a delicious and fresh home-cooked meal for your family, so you don’t want to skimp on turkey. Below, we’ll share some ingenious turkey cooking tips for this big day.

21. Eco-Friendly Guide To A Healthy Thanksgiving Meal

The abundance of delicious and not-so-healthy holiday dishes is easily overwhelming. So how do you eat a delicious meal without completely sabotaging your diet? Follow the simple tips in the infographic below to cut calories without depriving yourself of a real Thanksgiving feast.

22. Thanksgiving Food For Thought

On the Thanksgiving holiday, it is customary for the whole family to gather over dinner, during which everyone gives thanks for all the good things of the year. It is also the custom to do good deeds, provide food to those in need, and donate to charity. Moreover, there are costume parades and concerts all over the country.

23. 11 Favorite Thanksgiving Pies Paired With Beer

If you think that sweet pie is appropriate only for tea or coffee and that beer should be drunk with nuts, you are wrong. It’s time to get rid of your gastronomic prejudices with the infographic below. Thanksgiving pies are perfectly compatible with beer, and you have to know the perfect pairings.

24. Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner On The Road

Thanksgiving is firmly associated by many Americans with a fancy table bursting with all sorts of goodies. Of course, everyone has signature recipes to which they enjoy treating all their guests.  Below, we look at even more exciting information that is so appetizing, squirming under lids and languishing in ovens.

25. Thanksgiving Food Safety

Thanksgiving is the essential holiday Americans have after Christmas. On this day, there are potatoes, cranberry sauce, and all kinds of fall vegetable dishes in addition to turkey. Of course, there’s also a place for any other family favorites on the holiday table. We’ll look at even more exciting information for Thanksgiving below.

26. Vegetarian Thanksgiving Main Dishes Recipes

Thanksgiving, it’s a fantastic time when families and friends gather around the table to sample delicious turkey and give thanks for all the good things in life. But what if you’re a vegetarian? Then you also have a vast selection of Thanksgiving dishes to choose from. Below we share a few options for non-traditional dishes for the holiday table.

27. Vegetarian Thanksgiving Sides And Appetizers

Thanksgiving dinner is about more than turkey, especially if you’re vegan. Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes are just as delicious as their counterparts. Below we’ve rounded up the best vegan Thanksgiving menus, from healthy appetizers and main courses to beautiful pies.

28. Vegetarian Thanksgiving Desserts

Thanksgiving is packed with treats for those who prefer food without animal products. Most of these desserts consist of fruits, berries, nuts, and combinations. In the infographic below, you’ll find simple recipes for vegetarian desserts that will go well with any holiday.

29. What To Do With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving dinner is bound to be delicious and nutritious. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by leftovers, here are some inventive recipes to inspire you after the holiday.

30. Happy Thanksgiving

The following is about one of the most beloved family holidays in the United States, Thanksgiving. At this time, all family members gather for a shared meal. Often the whole family prepares the treats the day before the holiday, which occupies a considerable place in the cultural tradition of the holiday.

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