Everything You Need to Know About Bread (18 Infographics)


Bread has been the most popular and sought-after human food for many years. It is also one of the oldest foods globally, obtained by steaming, frying, or baking dough. Bread can be served with any meal in various forms or used as a separate ingredient in other culinary dishes.

The 18 infographics below will pique your interest in bread; here are the essential points about this unique product.

1. Bread – One of World’s Oldest Food

Bread was first made during the neolithic period, and since then, it has gradually become a traditional product that people eat regularly. Nowadays, there is a vast selection of bread products in stores, for every taste, even each country has its signature kind. The infographic below will help you understand the long history of bread varieties.

2. What Bread Gives You

The custom of eating bread and its health properties made it almost the most favored in the human ratio. It is also an essential source of energy and is a striking representative of carbohydrate foods. In more detail about the benefits of bread will help to learn infographic below.

3. Bread Myths

Much has been said about bread as one of the most popular and widely consumed foods; at different times, it has been attributed miraculous properties, considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity, revered, and much more. Unfortunately, several of the prejudices are firmly rooted in our lives. Let’s look at the facts and points of the main myths associated with bread.

4. Different Types of Bread

Over such a long history, numerous national sorts, and varieties of bread have developed in different parts of the world. Each one has its unique taste and appearance and has a remarkable effect on the body. It is not easy to list all the varieties of bread that exist in the world, but the main types in the classification of bread are given in the infographic just below.

5. 37 Iconic Breads from Around the World

Every country in the world has varieties of bread that are important and in mass demand. They are often made according to simple recipes but include small amounts of specific additives or unusual shapes, such as the French baguette with a crispy crust or the Italian ciabatta with large pores and a thick crust. Below are 37 varieties of mainstream bread in different countries.

6. How Bread is Eaten in Different Countries Around the World

Although the baking process is inherently monotonous and straightforward, there are hundreds and thousands of bread recipes with different sizes, flavors, and just as many unusual bread traditions. In addition, each country has its deep tradition of eating this product. The main variations in the use of bread are compiled in the collection below.

7. Baking Starter Breads

Nowadays it is possible to buy bread in any store or supermarket, many homemakers prefer to bake it themselves. In most cases, this is because, at home, the bread is more fragrant and tasty. The subtleties to follow to get good results when baking bread can be seen below.

8. 10 Things to Do With Stale Bread

Throwing away bread even after it has become stale is not an appropriate way since ancient times. However, stale bread can transform not only into an excellent dinner for pigeons or ducks but also into a separate comprehensive meal. Here are ten tips on what you can do with stale bread if you take a little time.

9. Tips for Buying Bread

Going to the store to buy bread is a routine activity. People pay attention to the shelf life when purchasing, which is a key but not the only quality indicator. With such a variety of bakery products, it is essential to remember the simple recommendations for the right choice.

10. Discover Turkish Bread

Bread is eaten predominantly in Turkey. People here perceive bread not only as food; they eat it in large quantities, cook it in a wood-fired oven, and have elevated it to a high cult like tea. Simple instructions for Turkish baking bread are available in the infographic below.

11. How to Make the Perfect Banana Bread

Banana bread did not appear in cookbooks until the early 20th century but quickly gained popularity because all you have to do to make it is mix all the ingredients in a bowl. The natural sweetness of the fruit is perfect for baking, and when combined with a crispy crust on the outside, it can quickly become a favorite treat. Simple instructions for baking banana bread are available in the infographic below.

12. Red Velvet Banana Bread

Banana bread can safely be called a healthy alternative to almost every food. Bananas, pure or baked, will ensure a good night’s sleep, quick satiety and even bring your blood cholesterol levels back to normal. Just about anything can be added to banana bread, from dried fruit to homemade caramel. Also, a popular variation of this bread is Red Velvet Banana Bread with a soft, juicy filling.

13. Cream Cheese Chocolate Bread

Chocolate bread is another delicious dessert bread option. The fact that it can be served for breakfast with all kinds of sweet fillings, like honey or jam, also makes it great. Alternatively, it is possible to add chocolate or cream cheese to the mix when baking, which makes the flavor even softer and unlike anything else. A quick recipe for chocolate bread with cream cheese is available in the infographic below.

14. Honey Beer Bread

Honey Beer Bread is intriguing not only for its name but also for its ease of preparation. It doesn’t require you to knead, roll and let the dough rise for hours. This bread has a fantastic texture and flavor that is sure to add excitement to your day. The simple recipe for honey beer bread for dinner is affordably presented in the infographic below.

15. Traditional White Irish Soda Bread

Traditional White Irish Soda Bread is meant to be consumed every day and is super smooth and rich in the aftertaste. This bread is straightforward to make and requires primary products like flour, baking soda, buttermilk, and salt. A brief recipe for traditional white Irish soda bread is easily accessible in the infographic below.

16. Olive, Bacon and Cheese Bread

For many people, there is nothing more delicious than homemade bread. Apart from the famous store-bought bread, you can bake many types of bread in the oven, such as Olive, Bacon, and Cheese Bread, with a mind-blowing aroma and excellent flavor. All you have to do is purchase quality ingredients and study the affordable recipe outlined in the infographic below.

17. Tomato Basil Bread

Traditional baking bread at home can be done with available products but often does not satisfy the need to eat something out of the ordinary. The Spicy Tomato Bread with Luscious Basil option from the infographic below is perfect for those looking for a unique bread recipe for lunch or dinner. The flavor pairs wonderfully with soups, second courses, and salads.

18. Vegan Rosemary Avocado Quick Bread

Many varieties of bread contain animal products, which prevents vegans from enjoying this variety. In this case, the best option may be to bake your bread. Unlike heavier options, Vegan Rosemary Avocado Quick Bread has a bright taste and high nutritional value. The recipe for this delicious and healthy vegan bread is handily outlined in the infographic below.

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