8 Halloween Treats for the Gluten-Free Masses


It is everyone’s favorite fun fall holiday, but for those that can’t eat gluten, Halloween treats can be downright scary. Food intolerances can wreak havoc on sensitive tummies and it’s a huge downer to have to say no to every tempting treat.

Fortunately, you can save the day by bringing gluten-free foods everyone will love to the Halloween party, school bake sale, or other Halloween event. Here are some easy and tasty gluten-free treats that won’t play any tricks on you!

1. Biting Apples

For a sweet alternative to sugary candy apples, even those who are not gluten-free can get behind these. You cut apples in half vertically and carve out a cavity in them for a mouth. Then, add a nut butter of your choosing followed by sunflower seeds to serve as teeth. A slice of strawberry completes the spooky mouth as a tongue. Full recipe here.

2. Ghosts Brownies

These spooky treats will not do anything ghoulish. They are a grain-less and raw recipe that utilize almonds and cashews. Dates are used as a natural alternative to sugar, and cacao powder along with mini chocolate chips round it out for enough sweetness that the kids will never know it is good for them. Full recipe here.

3. Witch Fingers

If you want a treat that looks creepy but tastes delicious, these witch fingers will do the trick. Made with dates, toasted almonds, cocoa, pumpkin seeds, and almond butter, this treat has no tricks to it, except that kids will gobble it up and never be the wiser. Full recipe here.

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4. Witchy Breakfast Brew

This green and bubbly-looking witch’s brew breakfast pudding is something the kids will love, and so will you. It is healthy with ingredients like bananas and spinach blended together with more healthful options.

The bubbles are courtesy of whole grapes hiding in the pudding. You can also create this as completely vegan for a spooky good-for-you breakfast. Full recipe here.

5. Frozen Banana Creatures

With just four ingredients, you can create the cutest and healthiest mummies and crazy creatures, ideal for any Halloween party. This recipe details how to make these tasty treats that all the little goblins will love. Full recipe here.

6. Gluten-Free Candy Corn Cupcakes

Candy corn is basically the candy symbol of Halloween. You can find gluten-free candy corn to top these fabulously fun cupcakes off with too. Get the recipe here.

7. Gluten-Free and Vegan Bloody Chocolate Cups

Basically, it is like Reese’s iconic peanut butter cups, only that you use frozen raspberries and vegan chocolate to make these gushy delights that everyone will gush over. Full recipe here.

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8. Caramel Corn

Since popcorn is naturally gluten-free, it’s a smart choice. This recipe nails it for the perfect blend of salty, sweet and crunchy too. Find the recipe here.

Do you have a favorite gluten-free treat you plan to make for Halloween? Tell us about it!

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