10 Awesome Indian Dishes to Try in a Restaraunt


Traditional Indian cuisine is predominantly a mixture of spices and flavors. Depending on the area, each cuisine has its unique selection of dishes. Below is a list of 10 traditional Indian dishes you should try that is worth trying the next time you visit a restaurant.

1. Kulfi

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Kulfi is a sweet Indian dish, a dessert. The dish has a unique flavor and aroma due to the addition of various spices. It is so much different from what we are used to, but its taste is impossible to forget.

2. Naan Bread

If you have never tried this incredibly soft flatbread, you must try Indian naan bread. The base of the flatbread is yeasted wheat dough. Various toppings like cheese, minced lamb, and vegetables can be used as toppings.

3. Bhindi Masala

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Bhindi Masala is a traditional Indian dish. It is a stew of vegetables with high content of vitamins and minerals and positively affects the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract. This dish is served warm with Indian flatbread.

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4. Tunde ke Kabab

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Tunde ke Kabab is known for its ingredients, with about 150 different spices. This minced meat kebab comes from Lucknow. It is usually made from buffalo meat, but there are variations with chicken or lamb meat. Tunde Kebab is the main dish of Awadh cuisine, known for its ambrosial delicacies.

5. Chana Masala

A simple and nutritious dish, Chana Masala is considered one of the most delicious vegetarian curry options. It is a dish of chickpeas stewed in a spicy sauce, popular in Indian and Pakistani cuisines. But even people far from vegetarianism like this bright and tasty dish.

6. Dosas

A traditional South Indian dish, Dosas is a thin, crispy pancake with various fillings. This thin crispy pancake is made of fermented rice dough and black beans. Indians traditionally eat it for breakfast, but for the rest of the world, it is also a great snack you can afford anytime.

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7. Idlis

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A dish from various South Indian cuisines, Idlis is a classic side dish for many main dishes. They are small, round-shaped flatbreads made from fermented black mung beans and rice flour. These tortillas are soaked in flavors and served for breakfast, often with sauces such as chutneys and sambar.

8. Saag Aloo

Saag Aloo is a light vegetarian curry with cauliflower and spinach. When it’s a vegetarian dish made with spinach, it’s called Saag Aloo, and when it’s made with fenugreek leaves, it’s Aloo Methi.

9. Rogan Josh

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This flavorful lamb curry hails from Kashmir, though it has roots going back to Persian cuisine. Incorporating lots of spices, tomatoes, ginger, and garlic, Rogan Josh is a mouthwatering dish adored across the country. While the recipe may vary from region to region, the fundamental essence remains the same.

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10. Smoked Pork

Northeast Indian cuisine has distinctive characteristics from the rest of the country, making it unique in culinary terms. For example, smoked pork includes unusual ingredients such as bamboo plants. It is a traditional and staple food that is usually consumed with rice.

Indian dishes often consist of different curry sauces served with meat, chicken, or vegetables, depending on the restaurant. Some may be spicy, others less, but all are colorful. Make a wish list from the above list and prepare for your next outing to an Indian restaurant.

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