22 Infographics About Tasty Pasta and Pasta Sauce Recipes


Pasta is one of the famous and favorite dishes. Some people like pasta carbonara, while others are inspired by Italian pasta with mushrooms. It can be a portion of simple comfort food or an haute cuisine dish. Learn more about this beautiful dish and the best sauces for each with the infographic below.

1. From History to Your Table: The Incredible Journey of Pasta

Any pasta is the art of combining various unique flavors and exciting aromas. The origin of this dish is shrouded in myths and mysteries. Whatever, this pasta product existed a long time ago and has gained popularity all over the world.

2. Pasta Facts

We do not doubt that you also adore pasta. It’s thanks to the Italians that pasta has gained wide popularity in Europe and other continents. The infographic below offers you exciting facts about this simple but incredibly delicious dish.

3. The Truth About Pasta

Pasta is part of the diet of almost every person in the world. It’s a great side dish to go with meat, fish, or vegetables. In addition, in combination with a sauce, pasta becomes a complete dish. Thanks to the ingenuity of Italians, you can no longer count the number of types of pasta.

4. Encyclopedia of Pasta

Italians have learned to make their pasta into absolutely all kinds of dishes. This includes everything from soups and salads to desserts. Moreover, durum wheat pasta can be safely eaten even by thin people.

5. The Ultimate Types of Pasta List

The history of pasta goes back to the Neolithic period. Back then, people learned how to grow cereals and grind them into flour. As a result, it is impossible to calculate precisely how many types of pasta, but no less than a hundred.

6. 20 Pasta Shapes Explained

Each of us has a favorite pasta shape. The dough for classic pasta is made from wheat flour and water. It is possible to recognize the size of the pasta by the name, specifically by the Italian ending.

7. How to Cook Pasta

Pasta is a dough product made by mixing flour with water and other ingredients, such as eggs, food coloring. It may seem that making pasta is an elementary task. But like all elementary things, the process has its tricks.

8. Build Your Own Hot or Cold Pasta Dish

In Italy, almost all pasta is called pasta. With simple ingredients and a wide variety of cooking methods, you can easily create the perfect pasta for yourself. To do so, you can use the helpful guide below.

9. Ultimate Stuffed Pasta Guide

Pasta is one of the most popular dishes globally and a mainstay of traditional Italian cuisine. Pasta can be made on its own and complemented with delicious and flavorful sauces. For classic pasta, pasta made from durum wheat is suitable.

10. Easy Pasta Recipe

Everyone knows that pasta is an Italian dish consisting of two main components of pasta and sauce. The secrets and possibilities of pasta could be endlessly rediscovered. Today, many cooks know how to make pasta. Here you will find a simple, bright, and delicious pasta recipe.

11. 7 Ways to Turn a Box of Pasta Into a Globally Inspired Meal

Italian cuisine has firmly established itself on our table. Recipes for pasta carbonara or bolognese no longer surprise anyone. Instead, we suggest you expand your gastronomic horizons by creating some variations on the theme of Italian pasta.

12. How to Make a Great Carbonara

Italian cuisine is a classic and a natural pearl of the Mediterranean. One of the fundamental parts of this cuisine is pasta carbonara. The process of making pasta itself is surprisingly simple, and the products to make it are also available. Below we share with you the recipe for the perfect pasta carbonara.

13. Creamy Tomato Basil Chicken Pasta Recipe

Spaghetti with any accompaniment is always very fast, easy, and delicious. The pasta with chicken and tomatoes recipe is very simple and will take no more than half an hour. Nothing complicated, but it’s always sure to be delicious!

14. Chorizo Pasta

Italians eat pasta every day, and we can understand them. Any pasta is a good source of fiber, which has several functions in the human body. Below we offer you an exciting recipe for chorizo pasta from available ingredients.

15. Garlic Lemon Spaghetti

Spaghetti with lemon juice and sauce and crushed garlic can ideally diversify your diet. It is delicious and nutritious. Below we offer you a way to transform ordinary spaghetti into an original Italian dish magically.

16. Smoked Salmon Spaghetti

Salmon contains a lot of protein and “healthy” fat. It is used for soups, toasts, casseroles, mousses, salads and added to pasta. The most traditional dish of this meat is fried salmon. But, here’s a simple recipe for the famous smoked salmon pasta in the infographic below.

17. The Perfect Sauces for Each Type of Pasta

Every region of Italy has amazing local pasta recipes. They are not only delicious but also easy to prepare. There are more than ten thousand kinds of pasta sauces. Below we have prepared for you some recipes of spices that will go well with a familiar dish.

18. 14 Classic Pasta Sauces & How to Make Them

In Italian cooking, making sauces is an art. But, in just 15 minutes, you can create one of the variations of classic pasta sauces. It’s a mix of those foods that are available, and any hostess has. But, at the same time, it is a separate dish that requires detailed attention.

19. Guide to Making Pasta Sauce

For any Italian, eating pasta without sauce is a crime with no excuse. The adequately prepared sauce turns even the most common pasta into a work of culinary art. We suggest mastering some of the most popular sauce recipes from the infographic below.

20. How to Make Perfect Pasta Salads

Pasta salads are very convenient and give a lot of room for the culinary imagination. To enrich pasta salads, it can be an adequately chosen sauce with a pronounced, bright flavor.  This is a great meal to take with you to work or even on a picnic.

21. Wine and Pasta Pairings

Durum wheat pasta is an Italian classic. However, the taste of pasta depends on its sauce, which means that the type of wine should also be chosen based on the sauce’s ingredients. So, in the infographic below, let’s look at how to match wine to pasta.

22. Presidential Cabinet of Pasta Lovers

Pasta is a favorite dish not only of Italians but also of reputable American presidents. Each of them had a favorite kind of pasta, which perfectly reflected their character. We’ve researched the preferences of some American presidents and have laid them out affordably in the infographic below.

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