10 Awesome Summer Cake Recipes


Baking a fruit-filled summer cake is one of the best ways to make home feel homey. If you haven’t baked before, the 10 feel-good recipe ideas on this list are good place to start. You can even try these recipes with your kids. They will likely come away feeling better about life.

1. Hazelnut cake

Victoria sponge cake, which is a classic, comes in many variants – hazelnut cake being one of them. The cake comes with a light, crumbly and airy texture. With golden brown hazelnut pieces dotting the cake, you’ll have more than just great flavor. You’ll have a pretty dessert to present, too.

2. Strawberry and cream cake

A strawberry cream cake is a sandwich cake. You make two traditional butter cakes no more than an inch thick each, and sandwich fresh whipped cream between them. With a load of whipped cream on top and a mass of halved strawberries decorating it, you’ll have a dessert that can’t go wrong.

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3. Roasted strawberry buttermilk cake

Strawberry recipes are usually all about the freshness of the fruit. This cake uses strawberries in different way, though. You take up sliced strawberries, coat them in maple syrup, olive oil and salt, and bake them until they are hard and candy-like. Then, you garnish a buttermilk skillet cake with them.

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4. Lemon raspberry cake

A yellow butter cake is the starting point in this recipe. Slicing the cake into four layers, you need to apply lemon curd on them and stack them. Finally, for a pretty, decorative look, Italian meringue buttercream goes on the outside. You end up with a beautiful, tall, pale pink cake that’s impossibly tangy and sweet.

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5. Fig polenta cake

Unlike some fig cake recipes, fig polenta cake isn’t just about putting figs in cake batter. The batter takes on a distinctive starchy taste if you’re willing to use polenta, instead of regular flour. With pine nuts and raisins added to the mix, you’ll have a delicious cake with a deep, complex taste.

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6. Rhubarb cake

A rhubarb cake is a cake of multiple textures and layers, even if it is no more than an inch thick. In its modest profile, it contains a layer of soft, yellow cake, a layer of sweet, macerated rhubarb and a topping of brown sugar crumble, and cinnamon. It may be a sticky cake, but it’s a manageable and delicious one.

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7. Moist plum cake

Most of the fruit-filled cakes on this list have a mass of fruit all over the cake. In the moist plum cake recipe, though, you put sliced plums in the batter. The result is a surprisingly fragrant and moist cake.

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8. Blueberry almond yogurt cake

Unlike other layer cakes, this one has the layers baked in. You lay down a bottom layer of blueberry yogurt cake batter in the pan, put in a liberal layer of almonds and then lay down a top layer of batter. The crunchiness of the nuts, mixed in with the moistness of the cake, is mind blowing.

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9. Summer berry cream cake

You can turn any cake into a summer berry cream cake. The highlight of this recipe is the berry purée that you fill the cake with. Once you have a cake baked, you slice it in half and lay down a thick layer of berry purée with strawberries, sugar and lemon juice, mixed with whole blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and currants. Once you put the cake back together, you get to decorate the top with more purée poured on.

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10. Summer peach cake

In summer peach cake, you dice ripe peaches and put the pieces in the batter, right before the cake goes in the oven. As delicate as the flavor of peach is, it has a surprisingly intense effect when baked in batter. The flavor and aroma are extraordinary.

Baking your own cakes from scratch can be a great experience. It doesn’t take an expert to turn out good results. All you need are a few good recipes and a love for good taste. What’s your favorite summer cake recipe?