48 Infographics about Healthy Eating to Help You


All sources of information proclaim the benefits of good nutrition for the human body, but the problem is that it is not always easy to make a healthy eating choice. The cause of many illnesses is the banal inability to let go of unhealthy eating habits.

However, these infographics about healthy eating can help you take control of your weight and health.

1. Total Diet Approach To Healthy Eating

Doctors recommend switching to a diet to maintain your health and not gain extra pounds. However, this does not always mean a categorical rejection of favorite foods because the diet must be balanced and healthy. If you are interested in transitioning to proper nutrition, the infographic underneath has information about the dietary approach to healthy eating.

2. 9 Healthy Eating Tips For A More Vibrant You This Year

The process of transitioning to a healthy diet is excruciating for everyone and usually begins the following Monday. In the meantime, a healthy diet is one of the main factors that ensure a healthy and fulfilling life. There are simple tips to follow regarding nutrition, and 9 of them are conveniently collected in an infographic here.

3. How To Build Perfect Salad

Diet Salad is an excellent option for a quick and healthy snack and to maintain optimal weight. However, when preparing, it is vital to use meat and fish components in boiled form, fresh vegetables, and it is better to dress the salad with natural yogurt or vegetable oil. These simple tricks from the infographic will help you put together the perfect salad and maintain a slim figure.

4. Foods For Healthy Blood

Our well-being depends directly on the health of our blood because it is a vital body fluid that contains the leading guardians of our immunity and supplies our cells with everything they need to live. In addition, consumption of certain foods reduces the likelihood of blood diseases and enriches the body with functional trace elements. The primary helpers for blood health are the nutrients that are pictured beneath.

5. Superfoods For Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a healthy diet with plenty of milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, and fish is more important than ever. In addition, during this period, a woman needs to get enough protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins. From this infographic, you will learn the list of the most valuable foods for expectant mothers.

6. “Eat” Water Stay Hydrated

We all know about the benefits of clean water; it is imperative to maintain health, the functioning of organs, and proper digestion. However, it is not necessary to drink the amount of water you need because fruits and vegetables contain water, and many of them are mostly water. This way, it is possible to replenish your water supply and consume large amounts of fruits and vegetables, lowering your blood pressure and your risk of diabetes and heart attacks.

7. Your Ultimate High Energy Day

In the long search for an optimal daily routine, it’s fundamental to highlight critical aspects for yourself. The simple recommendations in the infographic will help you make your day fuller, better, and more productive. By sticking to these rules, your mornings will only bring you excitement and energy.

8. The Best Healthy Food Guide

Antioxidants are a fantastic gift from nature that worries wellness enthusiasts and health professionals alike. The infographic following shows the top antioxidant foods that everyone should include in their daily diet. The daily consumption of at least one of the products with high content of antioxidants can improve the function of internal organs and systems and overcome weakness and apathy.

9. What Does It Take To Burn Off That Milkshake?

It is already known that fast food and fatty foods are very unhealthy. But do we ever think about how much effort it takes to burn one burger or bucket of popcorn? From the infographic underneath, one can calculate how much time it takes to burn off the calories gained from these foods.

10. How To Heal Your Organs With The Secret Powers Of Fruits And Veggies

The importance of fruits, vegetables, and berries in the human diet is well known; they are suppliers of essential nutrients necessary for normal metabolism. However, sometimes you have to look at the appearance of a vegetable, fruit, or berry to see which organ they are most beneficial for. The infographic below has essential information on how to heal your organs with the secret power of fruits and vegetables.

11. Paleo Diet Guide For Beginners

The Paleolithic diet involves eating and living according to our primitive genes. The idea is that many of today’s foods contribute to chronic disease and health problems. Proponents of the diet consume foods that were available to our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Despite much controversy, this diet remains one of the most popular with a vast community of supporters. Niche is a simple beginner’s guide to the Paleo diet.

12. What Does 200 Calories Look Like?

Different foods have different caloric values. However, imagining what 200 calories looks like in reality requires some knowledge. The most curious and those watching their diet will be interested in the infographic showing different foods with the same number of calories as 200.

13. Helpful Tips For Appropriate Portion Sizes

Most of us don’t think about little things like the portion size recommendations on food labels. Today’s frantic pace of life overloads us with calories, and we easily miss the moment of oversaturation. It is worth remembering that eating right is necessary for every living creature, and increasing the portion size contributes to undesirable weight gain. We suggest you read valuable tips on the right portion size.

14. Smoothie Recipes For Everything

Smoothies are delicious drinks made of fruits, berries, vegetables, and herbs suitable for your health and figure. Advocates of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle actively include smoothies in their diet because it saturates the body with valuable elements and vitamins. In this infographic, we offer an exciting selection of healthy smoothie recipes for all occasions.

15. Fabulous Foods

To maintain your health, you need to choose products responsibly and eat a balanced diet. There is a list of foods to focus on and eat every day to feel good. These foods are good because they help us absorb the nutrients they contain quickly and efficiently.

16. 14 Clean Eating Ingredient Swaps

An effective way to maintain your figure and lose weight safely is to change your eating habits to the right ones and give up some unhealthy foods. A healthy diet means eating enough different foods and replacing unhealthy foods with healthy counterparts. For example, what you can substitute chocolate, spices, and candy with can be found in the infographic beneath.

17. Your Basic Guide To Green Veggies

Green vegetables are the most valuable and indispensable for people who adhere to a healthy diet because they are rich in vitamins, minerals, and valuable trace elements. In addition, these substances strengthen the immune system and make you look even better. Learn more about green vegetables as a great source of vitamins and good mood in the infographic here.

18. Lose Weight With These Foods

The right foods combined with minimal physical activity can help you achieve your desired weight loss results much faster than grueling starvation. Our body starts to store fat when starving for a long time, so it is better to eat often but in small portions and the right foods. Here is a list of foods that help you to lose weight and control your weight.

19. Hypothyroidism Diet

Hypothyroidism occurs because the thyroid gland, for various reasons, does not produce enough of the hormones needed to nourish every cell in the body. An effective support tool for hypothyroidism is to think about your diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. Check out the essential list of foods for hypothyroidism in the infographic underneath.

20. Fruit For Health

Fruits should be present in a person’s daily diet; they are rich in fiber, contain various vitamins, minerals, and have low or even negative calories. Fruit can be combined with salads, porridges or eaten as a snack separately from the main meals. The top fruits for beauty, youth, and health are available in the infographic here.

21. Guide To Essential Vitamins & Their Food Sources

Vitamins are essential for humans because of their ability to regulate chemical reactions in the body. Therefore, the state of our health depends directly on the consumption of vitaminized foods. Helpful information about essential vitamins for the human body can be found in the infographic below.

22. The Nutrition Of Mental Health

Many processes in the human body, including mental health, depending on the culture of nutrition. As we age, it’s important to remember that maintaining a healthy diet helps maintain physical and psychological health and reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases. The infographic following shows how nutrition benefits mental health.

23. Top Health Myths: Fact Or Fad

Because of its popularity, many people want to switch to a healthy diet but hesitate for various reasons. In most cases, this is due to many myths around a healthy lifestyle, such as expensive or tasteless. What is certain, however, is that a balanced approach to nutrition helps improve health and well-being.

24. The Complete Guide To Calories

Calories are necessary units of energy for daily activity and muscle building. Knowing how many calories you need daily is also crucial when losing or gaining weight. The infographic below will help you break down all the information about calories and structure it in your head.

25. 5-Minute Dinners Nutritionists Eat

Breakfast allows you to restore the lost energy reserves instantly. Unfortunately, sometimes we skip this meal due to lack of time and unknowingly harm our health. Some dishes can be prepared in advance to save time in the morning and get the maximum benefit. Delicious and healthy recipes for a good morning are collected in the infographic below.


26. 20 Snacks That Will Curb Your Appetite

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to calculate portions and eat a balanced diet. However, this often becomes a problem when your appetite gets terrible. The infographic below shows foods that are both healthy and appetite suppressant. They eliminate unnecessary calorie intake but promote full satiety.

27. Lose Weight With Natural Vitamins And Minerals

The solution to getting enough nutrients from foods is variety. But, unfortunately, there is no unique food that combines all the necessary vitamins and minerals. So instead, you need to follow a few principles to maximize your body’s nutritional intake.

28. The Benefits Of Eating A Rainbow

With the onset of the warm season, supermarket counters delight us with brightly colored dots of freshly grown healthy vegetables, fruits. When you eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, you will get as many vitamins and nutrients as possible. Below, The Benefits Of Eating A Rainbow infographic will detail the benefits of foods of different colors.

29. Good Carbs Vs. Bad Carbs

Carbohydrates give us energy and allow our internal organs to work efficiently. However, excessive consumption of carbohydrates threatens a person with extra pounds when glucose is converted into fat. Carbohydrates are divided into simple, with a low glycemic index, and complex, with an abundance of fiber, but fortunately, they can be easily replaced with useful ones. The infographic below will help make sense of the topic of good and bad carbs.

30. Memory Boosting Superfoods That Fight Alzheimer’s

Eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids supports brain health and reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Likewise, optimizing your menu can prevent this disease and improve cognitive function. The infographic below offers a list of foods that help keep your brain active and healthy.

31. What Does Organic Really Mean?

Organic foods, in a broad sense, are not just chemical-free and GMO-free but are about caring for people, nature, and the environment. This approach controls the entire process from raw materials to the already packaged product; flavor enhancers and other special additives are forbidden. After this, the manufacturer must still undergo special certification. For more information about organic products, see the infographic below.

32. Learn What To Eat Before And After Your Workouts

Along with training at the gym, an individually selected balanced menu is a must. In this case, the proper diet depends on the time of the workout and the type of workout. The infographic below will tell you what you should consider if you’re on your way to a healthy body and what you should eat before and after training.

33. Heart-Healthy Foods

Cardiovascular health is influenced by several factors, and it is often not enough to avoid bad habits and daily physical activity. However, there are some foods that physicians consider to be real heart food. From the infographic below, you can learn what to eat to keep your heart working like clockwork.

34. Fruits & Veggies: When Are They In A Season

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are a source of vast amounts of vitamins, and they also taste richer and are high in nutrients. In addition, seasonal fruits and vegetables are the most accessible foods to digest for a healthy diet, are grown without chemicals, and can be eaten without heat treatment, enriching the body with vitamins.

35. A Tale Of Two Meals

Today there is a lot of talk about the daily regimen, a proper and balanced diet. Suitable for those foods that quickly leave the stomach and do not leave behind a trace in the form of extra calories. It is crucial to understand which foods spend how long in the stomach and choose which will be most suitable for different situations in life.

36. This Is How Your Plate Should Look

The ratio of different foods on the plate should be correct. For example, half should consist of various salads or vegetables and equal parts of the garnish and the main product. This method of dividing food into categories will help you stay slim and healthy without exhausting calorie counting.

37. The Science Of Vitamins And The Body

The human body’s need for essential vitamins today is hard to dispute. They perform basic functions like regulating metabolic processes or strengthening the immune system. Therefore, it is vital to know the values of foods according to their vitamin content when deciding how to organize a proper diet.

38. Nutrition Checklist

For the proper functioning of the body, it is fundamental to eat a diet that satisfies the daily requirement for energy and maintains an optimum balance of nutrients. An incorrect proportion or deficiency of these nutrients can lead to undesirable consequences. The essential components and principles of a balanced, rational diet are listed underneath.

39. How To Choose Healthiest Alcoholic Drinks

Alcohol consumption has undeniable negative consequences, yet there are alcoholic beverages that are less harmful to the human body. The main secret here is that the benefits of the quality of alcohol do not outweigh the amount drunk. The infographic below will tell you which alcoholic beverages to choose first.

40. A Guide To Fall Food

To get all the nutrients you need, there are just as many healthy fruits and vegetables in the fall as in the summer. They contain thousands of essential nutrients and help boost your immune system. Here you can find out what you should include in your fall diet.

41. 25 Ridiculously Healthy Foods

When composing a diet, a person strives to include the healthiest foods. For this purpose, it is necessary to know at least superficially their composition and basic properties. Here are the top 25 best foods that will bring maximum benefit to the body.

42. The Ultimate Clean-Eating Grocery List

The formation of your diet should be consciously based on time-tested, indisputable facts of world experience, and safe for health technology. This is an essential step towards your goal, which will help you not feel any discomfort and eat wisely. In the infographic, here is a list of foods that should be on your table.

43. Healthy Eating Facts

One would think it would be impossible to know more about nutrition because it is the most discussed topic in the media space. But even here, you can find information that not everyone knows. Below you will find some simple facts about healthy eating that you will learn about before anyone else.

44. How To Get Clear Skin

The primary trend in the fashion world remains smooth and clean skin that would not need makeup. A personalized skincare system and a healthy lifestyle are the best way to achieve what you want. Falling in love with the reflection in the mirror and becoming the owner of clear skin can help the infographic below.

45. Fruits And Vegetables For Your Health

Vegetables and fruits in the right amount should be a must in every person’s diet. A big plus is the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that fruits and vegetables contain. Which ones you should pay special attention to are outlined in the infographic.

46. High Protein Foods

Protein is the primary building material in the body and is an imperative element for building muscle. Therefore, eating protein-rich foods helps you lose weight and replenish your energy reserves. A list of protein-rich foods in the infographic is available in front of you.

47. Eat The MyPlate Way

The desire to follow a healthy diet is prevalent in today’s world and challenges us to get various nutrients from different foods. The beneficial plate rule solves many everyday problems like variety, moderation, and balance. Key points on how to comprehensively fill your plate before each meal are outlined in this infographic.

48. Are Avocados Healthy?

Avocados are considered a healthy food with high vitamins and minerals that are essential for humans. Adding avocados to your diet can help lower cholesterol and normalize weight due to unsaturated fatty acids. Scientists also believe that avocados help fight cancer cells and are suitable for metabolism. Learn more about the benefits of avocados in the infographic below.

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