I Am a Picky Eater and I Am Proud of It


I have been a picky eater since I realized what I needed to put in my body and what I had to refuse. I was 5 years old when I first realized I was overweight. Actually, I was born overweight – my mom expected a baby boy so a baby girl was a surprise to everyone, including her.

While all my friends ate anything their parents gave them, I knew I wouldn’t eat food that could harm my body. My parents have always been angry at me because of my strange eating habits, even now my mom gets mad when I say I don’t eat meat, or fish, or buckwheat, or cottage cheese. That’s my choice and I am proud of it. If you are in the same boat, and you wonder if something is wrong with you, here’s why it is absolutely okay to be a picky eater.

We make food choices that benefit our bodies

We, picky eaters, do not follow the food trends and do not eat what others want us to eat. We are able to make food choices without anyone else’s help. If I do not want to eat meat, it doesn’t mean something is wrong with my digestion or my mind.

It means I know that my body needs another source of vitamin D and protein. I love beans and I eat eggs each day, which are among the best protein-rich foods, and keep track of my nutrient intake to make sure there is no nutrient deficiency. I’m absolutely healthy and happy for it.

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We don’t worry about weight

As soon as I started to monitor what I put in my body, my problem with weight was solved itself. My mom has always been against all the diets so she wouldn’t allow me to stick to any kid-friendly diet when I was 5 and overweight.

Believe it or not, but today I stay slim and trim even when I eat high-calorie food once in a while. I even want to put on some pounds. Research after research showed that picky eaters are less likely to suffer from weigh problems. Why? Because they don’t make wrong food choices.

We live longer

Picky eaters tend to eat healthier foods than those who love anything they see on the plate. While my friend enjoys eating store-bought potato chips, ready-to-make pasta or any other processed food, I enjoy eating an omelet with grilled zucchini and tomatoes. Not all picky eaters love vegetables, though. But still they eat the foods that make them feel healthy. They know they have to avoid certain foods because they can affect their body and longevity.

We have high energy levels and strong immune system

I can’t remember the last time I caught cold or flu or suffered from the serious disease. I work 16 hours each day and still wake up feeling full of energy. That’s all because I feel healthy. The food I put in my body daily helps to strengthen my immunity and boost my energy levels. I don’t drink coffee (I even hate its smell), but instead, I opt for fruit or lemon water that is packed with vitamins and antioxidants. I’m sure I’m not alone. Picky eaters pick actual substantial food and for good reason.

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We don’t care what others think about our eating habits

We don’t follow the crowd. When all those tricky ads make the majority of people spend money on calorie-dense, processed foods that cause more harm than good, picky eaters listen to their bodies and create their own food habits.

We don’t care what others think or say about our eating habits. If I don’t eat mediocre pancakes that many girls are obsessed with today, it doesn’t mean I’m old-fashioned. I can easily make my own healthy pancakes and enjoy them with fruit. Delis!

Do you sometimes feel like you make wrong food choices? Is your child a picky eater? Depending on how old they are, do not make them eat what they do not want. Let them choose what they think their bodies need. Be proud of their eating habits and your own ones no matter how strange they are.