10 Health Reasons to Eat More Celery


Doctors and nutrition experts are strongly encouraging those who want to get healthier to eat more celery. This crisp, crunchy vegetable often gets overlooked thanks to the popularity of superfoods like kale or spinach, but it is time you moved celery into the limelight when it comes to the vegetables you are consuming.

1. Drop weight

It is filling and fibrous, plus one large stalk of it only nets you 10 calories. That makes it the perfect vessel for things like hummus for a simple, delicious and nutritious snack that will actually fill you up. Toss it in with soups, salads, and your favorite recipes too.

2. Reduce inflammation

Joint pain? Chest cough? Celery is a natural anti-inflammatory. It can even help soothe acne breakouts.

3. It calms you down

Naturally, relieve your stress from the day by eating celery. It contains minerals like magnesium, which help chill out your nervous system. Worrying too much when you go to bed? Try eating celery shortly before you lay your head on your pillow for better sleep.

4. Lower blood pressure

Celery contains an active compound by the name of phthalides. It has been shown to boost circulatory health. Raw celery gives you the best dosage of this element to help keep your blood pressure level.

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5. Rev up your sex life

Celery contains pheromones that boost your level of arousal. When you chew on celery, these pheromones are released. Want to heat things up in your love life? Serve celery sticks and dip as the first course and be ready for love by the time you serve dessert.

6. It contains essential salts

If you have ever run a marathon before, you will know that your body needs salt. It is not the same as table salt, though. The salt in celery is organic and important for your overall health.

7. Unbeatable digestive aid

Celery has a high water content along with a ton of insoluble fiber. This combination assures easy bowel movements for those that have been constipated. However, be forewarned that if you have diarrhea, it is not a good choice thanks to its diuretic properties.

8. Great for your eyes

There is a lot of vitamin A in celery. That is the vitamin most responsible for protecting your eyes from age-related vision degeneration.

9. Drop bad cholesterol

Celery contains butylphthalide, and by consuming even 4 stalks of celery per day, you can lower LDL cholesterol by up to 7%, according to a study conducted by Chicago University.

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10. Fight cancer

Luteolin, a powerful flavonoid found in celery, blocks the growth of cancer cells. It is especially useful for preventing pancreatic cancer and has been shown to greatly delay the development of breast cancer cells.

Start enjoying more celery in your life today to get these healthful benefits and many more. How do you like to cook with celery?