24 Infographics About Delicious Soup Recipes and Ideas


Some people just can’t live without warming soup at least once a day. It’s the best consolation on a cold day.

If you’re looking for soup inspiration and delicious and straightforward ideas, we recommend the 24 infographics below.

1. How to Build the Perfect Soup

Soup is quick for the body to digest, warms nicely in the winter cold, and improves digestion. It preserves much more valuable substances than other methods of cooking. What makes up the perfect soup can be found out below.

2. The Ultimate Guide to the Soup Maker

Everyone knows that soups are less caloric and belong to the dietary diet. Moreover, an excellent rich soup even alleviates the symptoms of colds. The main thing in this is to prepare them correctly.

3. National Soups of Various Countries

Each national cuisine has its soup traditions. Currently, in the world, there are about 150 kinds of soup. In addition, some soups may be prepared with similar ingredients but with entirely different tastes. If you want to know more about the gastronomic traditions of a particular country, we offer you the infographic below.

4. 50 Soups and Stews From Around the World

Each nation has a set of ingredients peculiar to its cuisine. Below you will find recipes for cooking first dishes from different world cuisines. We suggest you go on a new culinary tour worldwide and greatly expand your diet.

5. A Visual Guide to 9 Classic Soups

Soups are a separate category among the first courses. First courses are prepared differently in every country, but they are always delicious. We offer you to get acquainted with the unchangeable classics.

6. 10 Easy Homemade Soups

Soup is not only tasty but also functional. Thanks to the simplicity of ingredients open up room for imagination. Here are collected popular soup recipes at home, which hostesses around the world advise eating every day.

7. Breakfast Soup Recipes

Each of us remembers since childhood that soup is the most important meal and an integral part of a healthy diet. So why is soup usually eaten for lunch and not for dinner or breakfast? Below you will learn why it is better to have a bowl of soup for breakfast than oatmeal or sandwiches.

8. 5 Easy DIY Broths for Your New Favorite Soup

Broth is suitable both as a stand-alone dish and a base for making soups because it is a fantastic product. The taste of broth directly depends on the quality of the meat used. We propose to deal in detail with this critical ingredient for the perfect soup.

9. Pick a Vegetable, Make it a Soup

Vegetable soups are liquid dishes made with broths or vegetable broth. Usually, they are cooked without adding meat or fish products. Each hostess chooses whether to cook soup from various vegetables or one or two ingredients. The most popular vegetables for soups are suggested below.

10. 6 Fall Soup Recipes

Soups are an essential part of the fall diet. Hot food warms the body from the inside, energizes and improves the gastrointestinal tract. Below, some tasty first courses are great for warming up in cold weather.

11. Harvest Soups: Slurp Your Seasonal Veggies

Vegetable soups improve the metabolism of the human body. They are perfectly digestible and cause a feeling of satiety. Seasonal vegetables do not lose a lot of vitamins in the process of cooking, and therefore the body will always be saturated with practical trace elements.

12. 5 Miso Soup Health Benefits

Miso soup is beloved by the Japanese and has been eaten very often for hundreds of years. This soup is included in the list of superfoods, which are very useful for the body. Moreover, miso soup is an excellent source of iron, B vitamins, complete protein, and high-quality polyunsaturated fatty acids.

13. What Makes Chicken Noodle Soup Special

Often, people are curious about chicken noodle soup. This soup can bring a variety of health benefits. Therefore, this is one good reason to include soup as an alternative to your meals.

14. Chicken Soup 6 Ways

The benefits of chicken soup are the content of essential substances that quickly recover from colds and strengthen the immune system. By consuming this soup, you will be able to keep your health in good condition, and you will not spend too much time cooking.

15. Creamy Vegetable Soup in 3 Steps

Mashed potato soup is a wonderful invention of culinary art in the preparation of which the cooks of luxurious restaurants never tire of competing. It is a thick first dish made of grinded vegetables, meat, or fish. The body digests such a dish very well, and it is perfect for those who adhere to a healthy diet.

16. Tomato Soup

Known to many, tomato soup is the first dish whose main ingredient is tomatoes. Tomatoes are used, cut into small pieces, or turned into a puree to make it. Moreover, there may be more vitamins in such a soup than lemons or oranges.

17. Vegan Black Bean Soup

Black beans are a very healthy product for humans. Such beans, when properly cooked, have a delicate but dense consistency. The benefits of this product lie in its chemical composition and nutritional value.

18. Curry Coconut Soup

If you like tom yam, we advise you to try an exotic soup with coconut milk and curry. Coconut milk has won our hearts along with Thai cuisine. It has powerful antiviral properties, stimulates the brain, and contains no lactose.

19. How to Make Salmon Cream Soup by Yourself

Salmon cream soup has an unobtrusive fish flavor, a light, airy texture, and an unforgettable taste. The classic recipe consists of only a few ingredients and is very easy to make. Moreover, despite its richness, the dish is low-calorie.

20. Butternut Squash Soup

Cream of squash soup is a comforting dish of sweet ingredients to serve in cool weather.  This soup is effortless to make, and the elements can be found at the nearest supermarket.

21. Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup

Mushroom soup with wild rice and spices is different from the usual mushroom dishes. This kind of oriental-style soup should be eaten immediately as soon as you “take it off” the stove.

22. Chicken Soup with Rice Recipe

Chicken soups with rice grits are the basis of a dietary diet. It contains almost all the components necessary for a complete diet. Chicken soup is best made with poultry and flavored with homemade butter and herbs.

23. Italian Mussel Soup

One of the most common inhabitants of the world’s oceans is mussels. Italian-style mussel soup is considered a promising food source. Mussels contain many healthy and easily digestible proteins.

24. 30 Ways to Pair Soup With Beer and Wine

Hot, spicy soups and broths deserve a decent wine or beer accompaniment. They can make an excellent gastronomic pairing. With the onset of cold weather, we recommend eating more hot soups and pairing them properly with the right beer or wine using the infographic below.

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