26 Infographics All About Pizza


Italian cuisine is famous for its many dishes that have gained popularity around the world. One of those invariably favorite dishes is pizza. It is delicious, hearty with an original combination of flavors. Below we’ve put together a collection of infographics in honor of this culinary icon.

1. Pizza Facts

The famous Italian pizza is loved by adults and children alike. The number of variations for cooking numbers today is in the hundreds. Any ingredients can be used for the dough and toppings, allowing everyone to use even the most unpredictable products. More helpful information and little-known facts about the pizza we have collected are below.

2. 8 Fun Facts About Pizza

Pizza is probably the most uncommon dish that has resonated in our souls. But, did you know that eating pizza reduces the risk of heart attack by several times? You’ll find even more information facts about this product below.

3. Facts About Pizza You Never Know

There is no more popular food in the world than a pizza. It is one of the most famous Italian dishes. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love this delicious dish and hasn’t tried it again at home. All that you didn’t know about this unique dish is presented below.

4. The History of Pizza

Italy has made an invaluable contribution to world cooking. However, it turns out that pizza is not native to Italy at all, and it owes its appearance to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. The fascinating history of the dish consists of a mass of interesting facts, which will be presented below.

5. The History of Deep-Dish Pizza

Pizza is an excellent traditional Italian dish. It is perfect for a meal for absolutely any occasion for a holiday with friends or as an addition to the festive table. About the history of the birth of deep-dish pizza is available in the infographic below.

6. 33 Traditional Pizzas

Every region of Italy cooks pizza in its way. Italians are very conservative, strict about recipes that have become classics. Below is a list of pizza names with traditional toppings that you will find in most restaurants.

7. 40 Types of Pizzas

Pizza is a popular dish worldwide, with its roots in Italy as far back as the 17th century. Original pizza recipes have survived to this day. In today’s pizzerias, visitors are offered different types of pizza. They can be on the thin dough, in a base with tomato sauce, differing toppings.

8. What Does Pizza Look Like Around the World

Today, it is unlikely to find a person not familiar with such a dish as pizza. Because of its unparalleled taste, the dish is hugely popular. In the infographic below, we’ll see which ones are most loved by people around the world.

9. Everything Pizza 17 of Earth’s Most Delicious Pies

Pizza is a dish that is quite simple but also very sophisticated. Pizza began to spread, first of all, in the United States and Europe. All over the world, you can meet a lot of different kinds of pizza, and each nation tries to bring to the recipe of its preparation something of its own.

10. Chicago VS. New York Style Pizza

Pizza in the U.S. is ubiquitous. There are quite a few regional types of pizza that bear only a passing resemblance to the Italian original. Chicago and New York are constantly competing, trying to outdo each other in a variety of categories. Both cities have different tastes when it comes to pizza, and each makes good pizza.

11. The Pizza Topping Encyclopedia

The popularity of pizza today has already gone far beyond Italy. Each country has its pizza recipes. With the right combination of products, all pizza toppings, a successful dough guarantee the classic preparation of delicious pizza.

12. Popular Pizza Toppings Around the World

Having appeared in Italy, pizza quickly gained popularity all over the world. Each country adds its twist to the traditional pizza recipe. To determine the geography of the toppings for this food, we propose viewing the infographic below.

13. 27 Irresistible Topping Combos for the Best Grilled Pizza

Pizza is so delicious that it is adored all over the world. Pizza is quick to make, but it’s also a quick dish and is eaten whole without any leftovers. It can be made with different toppings and becomes a decoration of any table. Here are some popular toppings for grilled pizza.

14. Pizza Topping Nutrition Guide

Pizza is a favorite dish of many Italian cuisines. Today it is cooked in more than 100 countries around the world. But there is a downside because this dish is considered a caloric product. The main types of pizza toppings are meat, vegetables, cheese, and mushrooms. This increases the number of calories in the dish.

15. Americas Favorite Pizza Toppings

It is no secret that pizza is one of the most favorite dishes of the Italian and the American nation. An incredible number of pizza variations have been created in the United States. Each one is different both in the way it is made and in the excellent ingredients. Below we offer you a look at the most popular types of this dish in the United States.

16. What Your Pizza Toppings Can Say About You

Psychologists conducted a study to find out what the favorite toppings in pizza say about a person’s character traits. After all, the taste is directly related to the central nervous system, which is responsible for literally everything. So what does the pizza you like so much tell you about your personality?

17. The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Pizza

Pizza has come a long way in its centuries-long existence, from a simple flatbread to a culinary masterpiece that is beloved the world over. It is a fantastic creation of Italian cooking that is easy to make at home. It can be created with almost any ingredient, with a variety of sauces and dough variations.

18. Homemade Gourmet Pizza Combos

Pizza is a great snack and a favorite treat for many families. So how to make delicious pizza at home? Below you will find some simple ways to make delicious homemade pizza with a variety of toppings.

19. How to Assemble and Cook Pizza Like a Pro

Pizza has been a part of our lives for a long time. The simplicity and speed of preparation made it the most common dish of all times and people. You’ll find a few secrets for cooking real Italian pizza at home below.

20. 5 Simple Steps to Healthy Pizza You’ll Love

Many people think that the authentic, most delicious pizza is only in Italy. But, in fact, you can make delicious pizza at home. Here, it’s essential to keep in mind that it’s a calorie-dense dish, and it’s a good idea to know the secrets of making pizza healthier. In the infographic below, we have selected those options that can easily be implemented in your kitchen without harming your figure or health.

21. How to Grill Pizza

The main reason to learn how to grill pizza is that it’s easy. What’s more, grilled pizza will be as close to the original as possible. Here we’ve put together some ideas on how to make flavorful grilled pizza. Not only will the pizza be delicious and crispy, but it will also have a characteristic pattern.

22. How to Make Campfire Pizza

Real pizza is different in taste and color. Cooked pizza on a campfire is the actual pizza. It is the heat from the coals that makes the crust crispy and the toppings stay juicy.

23. 8 Creative Ways to Enjoy Leftover Pizza

Pizza is undeniably great. No matter when it gets to your table, pizza is a successful addition. However, if you offer some people leftover pizza as a meal, you may encounter misunderstandings. Below you will discover several ways to prepare leftover pizza.

24. Pizza and Wine Pairings

It’s no secret that Italians’ most beloved and popular drink was and still is wine. At the same time, pizza has also long been the favorite of any company. Because of the variety of ingredients, picking the right wine to go with the pizza can be tricky. We invite you to learn a few possible pizza and wine combinations.

25. Pizza and Beer Best Pairings

Combining beer with food has become one of the main ideas of modern brewing. Beer and pizza are a combination as perfect as cheese and wine. But for this combination to be truly satisfying, you need to know what kind of pizza to pair with what kind of beer.

26. Beer Pairings for America’s 10 Favorite Pizzas

To fully experience the taste of pizza, it is necessary to choose the right drinks to go with it. You should know that pizza drinks can be very diverse. It all depends on the toppings and spiciness of this famous Italian dish, individual preferences, and country. Let’s understand the successful combinations of American pizza and beer for maximum enjoyment.

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