10 Edible Christmas Gifts to Consider


Christmas is fast approaching but you are flat broke with no substantial amount of the green stuff to buy your loved ones their dream gifts. But it is the thought that counts, right? Well, if that saying is right, why not create some homemade gifts that are cheap, easy to DIY, and can be shoveled down their throats along with the expensive dinner you will be feeding them? I mean, everyone loves edible gifts. So here are the top ten DIY gifts that save you cash but still satisfy your friends and family with mouthwatering goodness.

1. Incredible Edible Cookie Dough


Rice Krispie treats have to be the easiest on this list. But making normal Rice Krispie treats is boring, so why not dye them different colors and shape them into trees? They will be cute, Christmas-y and cheap.

5. Gingerbread Goodies


Gingerbread cookies are a Christmas classic, but instead of just boxing up some cookies, why not make the cookies into a box? It may sound complicated, but it is truly not, and once you’re done with your fancy gingerbread boxes, you can basically shove anything inside them and it will look like you put effort into the gift. Genius!

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6. Slow Cooker Sugared Nuts


Instead of giving your relatives some cheesy nutcracker, why not just give them some nuts? Some slow cooker sugared nuts. Yes, you read that right; you can now make your edible gifts in a slow cooker. Just toss in the ingredients, crank it up and walk away. Simple, easy, delicious.

7. Fancy Frilly Fudge


Why not just bedazzle a classic? Instead of making your fudge in a tin, use cookie cutters to give them a unique holiday shape and decorate them with different candies and icings to give them a fancy look for not that much more.

8. Hot Chocolate on a Stick


As I mentioned before, shoveling cocoa mix into a mason jar is boring and overdone. So why not mix up your cocoa and make it cold? Create hot cocoa on a stick, wrap them in colored plastic and ribbons and boom; an amazingly unique gift in minutes.

9. Jolly Gin


For the alcohol lovers in your life, create your own custom mixed cocktail, whiskey, or gin. Put it in a unique bottle, wrap it up, and serve with a smile. Your friend will get drunk and obviously love their present.

10. Coal Cookies


For those naughty ones you know, why not give them a flavorful gag gift? Create cookies that look like coal and crack a million jokes about your family and friends ending up on the naughty list. Endless laughs await.

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So now that you know you do not have to spend money on ridiculously expensive, impressive gifts, choose something to make from the heart your loved ones will enjoy. Any of these ten will do, but truly it is all about the love and effort you put into it that really makes it one of the best gifts you can give.

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