Healthier Holiday Meals: Trim the Fat to Stay on Point with Your Diet


Usually during the holiday seasons we are bombarded with candy, baked goods, holiday parties laden with fattening comfort foods, and combined with cold weather that makes most people less active, we are in a dieter’s nightmare. Come January 1st everyone is looking to get back on their healthy tracks and get back into shape and work off all of those indulgent foods, but what if we never fell into the Holiday food trap? There are ways to make those comfort foods that you love, but just make them healthier and equally as good (if not tastier!). Here are a few holiday foods that ruin diets… and fixes:


Most dips are made with mayonnaise and cheese as a base with a couple of veggies thrown in there, and while they might taste good, and a couple of bites you don’t think are a big deal, when heaped on tortilla chips, you’re looking at up to 30 grams of fat and loads of calories!

The Fix for Dips

You may want to skip the dip or only have a few bites of dip with veggies instead of the fried tortilla alternative. And if you are making this to serve to guests, remember that you can always omit mayonnaise and use a thick non-fat Greek yogurt instead, and then add flavor with spices, and cut the amount of cheese that you use (or use lower fat cheeses.)

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