25 Useful Infographics About Sushi


Today there are many kinds of sushi, and this dish is enjoyed by people worldwide. It is also known that sushi has several fantastic health benefits.

Here we want to share some of the health benefits, valuable cooking skills, and types of sushi. Check out these 25 infographics about your favorite food.

1. Sushi Delicious and Nutritious Facts

Japanese cuisine continues to gain popularity every year. Sushi is a piece of fish on a lump of rice. These days, it only takes a few minutes to make sushi, rolls, and sashimi. In the infographic below, you’ll find essential facts about popular Japanese sushi.

2. The Health Benefits of Sushi

Sushi gained worldwide recognition long ago and irrevocably. The main problem is that the preparation of the dish involves minimal processing of the ingredients. Therefore, it is worth understanding whether sushi can be beneficial or harmful to the body? All the necessary information can be found below.

3. The Surprising Health Benefits of Sushi

It is a well-known fact that the Japanese eat a lot of rice, fish and seafood, vegetables. This allows them to maintain good physical shape and mental clarity to a ripe old age. Sushi is very rich in nutrients and is suitable for people who want to reduce their weight. You just need to have the right approach to choosing sushi.

4. History of Sushi

It isn’t easy to find someone who does not know anything about sushi and its varieties. The history of sushi dates back to the 2nd century A.D. and the rice paddies of Southeast Asia. Today, restaurants worldwide, where they serve Japanese cuisine, certainly offer sushi and rolls as well.

5. A Taste of History Sushi Then and Now

Like many other dishes in Japan, sushi was invented not as a culinary masterpiece but as a way to store food. The first sushi was called narezushi, and the way it was prepared was quite different from today’s sushi. More interesting facts about sushi and how its appearance changed can be found below.

6. Sushi in the U.S.

In New York and other big cities in America, each place has its unique atmosphere, way of serving, and food quality. A large selection of sushi restaurants. Below we offer you an in-depth look at how sushi has caught on in the United States.

7. The Truth About Sushi

Despite all the popularity of sushi and rolls, there are still many myths surrounding these products. Some people even refuse to try this Japanese dish because of existing prejudices. Let’s sort out where the truth lies with the help of the infographic below.

8. All About Sushi

Sushi is everyone’s favorite Japanese dish and is incredibly popular in other countries of the world. If one wants to discover a new dish, then sushi is just perfect. There are a considerable number of options, and you can choose the best and most unusual solutions just for you.

9. 8 Things Worth Knowing About Eating Sushi

For several years, Japanese dishes have been at the peak of popularity. But eating sushi is a very delicate process. Therefore, until now, not everyone knows how to eat sushi correctly.

10. Sushi Around the World

Sushi rolls have their origins in Japan. However, rolls and sushi can be tasted not only in their historic homeland. In every city in the world, there is a sushi bar with a touch of local culinary preferences.

11. How to Order a Healthy Sushi Meal

Sushi has long been popular in many countries around the world. Moreover, the wide variety will please the most sophisticated gourmet. The combination of sushi varieties is partly because recipes for this dish are constantly being improved and nationalized in each country where they are prepared. How to choose delicious and quality sushi is explained in the infographic below.

12. Learn Sushi Terminology

Below, you will find an accessible guide to the terminology of sushi and other Japanese ingredients. Sushi terminology is varied, so it takes a long time to learn. However, we have tried to make this list as comprehensive as possible.

13. The Mastercraft of Japanese Sushi

Today, sushi is one of the most popular dishes in the world. Initially, the elemental composition of the traditional Japanese dish included marinated fish. Then, raw fish with the addition of salt was mixed with rice and then marinated until thoroughly cooked. Today, the process has become much more manageable. That’s why we’re going to talk about how authentic sushi is made in Japan.

14. Sushi Etiquette

Many visitors who have ordered sushi and rolls for the first time often have the same question and how to eat them properly. It’s not just a matter of ethics and knowing how to use the national cutlery. The challenge is how to be able to appreciate the excellent taste of this dish. To do this, you have to eat sushi, as they say, according to all the rules.

15. How to Eat Sushi Properly

Sushi and rolls have long been a familiar dish on the menus of local cafes and restaurants. Nevertheless, many are still not aware of all the features of table etiquette during their consumption. The infographic below will help you understand how to eat according to Japanese traditions.

16. Beginners Guide to Sushi

Sushi is a world-famous Japanese cuisine that includes a variety of ingredients. They are filled with seafood, meat, vegetables, and sometimes tropical fruits. All the essential information for beginners you need to know about this delicious dish is posted below.

17. Different Types of Sushi Rolls

True foodies enjoy eating rolls, which came to us from Southeast Asia. Below, we will look at the most popular rolls, often ordered by Japanese cuisine fans.

18. Get Ready to Roll: The Complete Guide to Sushi

Modern sushi bars offer many variations of rolls or sushi with different fillings and types of fish. To make sense of this variety, you need to remember the brief instructions and take a few of the infographic’s great tips below.

19. Sushi Guide

In today’s world, the boundaries between cultures and peoples have become less clear. Such was the case with traditional Japanese sushi, which can now be bought at every turn. However, few lovers understand the intricacies of this dish.

20. How to Make Your Own Sushi Rolls

Below, we offer a few simple variants of Japanese rolls, the filling you can use the most different. So you can try yourself in a new business and diversify your diet. It is possible to make purely vegan versions without fish.

21. Simply Sushi

Cooking sushi is one way to experience the mysterious culture of Japan. Recipes from the land of the rising sun are based on rice, seafood, and soy sauce. So making sushi at home is not difficult.

22. How to Make Maki Sushi

Since the popularity of Japanese cuisine worldwide, it has ceased to be something unusual. In any store, you can easily find the products that you need to make rolls and sushi. Below we will tell you how to make maki sushi at home from ordinary products that are easy to find in any supermarket.

23. Rolling California Sushi

There are quite a lot of variants for making California rolls. Although it is not exactly a Japanese dish, still delicious. Cooking rolls at home is not a problem if there are detailed instructions and a little imagination.

24. Sushi & Wine Pairings

Sushi and rolls, as representatives of Japanese cuisine, of course, are best combined with sake. However, this does not mean that more traditional alcohol, like wine, cannot be matched with them. It could be said that the drier the drink, the better it pairs with a variety of sushi and rolls.

25. What Does Your Favorite Type of Sushi Tell About Your Personality

There are so many sushi recipes that include a variety of seafood. So the choice of sushi depends directly on your preferences and, therefore, on your personality. Below you will find valuable information about how favorite sushi rolls characterize you.

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