32 Foods That Start with K


Most of us have probably made more than one attempt to diversify our diets and discover something new. However, a healthy approach to food does not mean a stingy and boring diet.

If you want to brush up on your food knowledge or want to wow your friends with your vast knowledge of food, here is an article of 32 foods and dishes that begin with the letter “K”.

1. Kaffir lime

The Kaffir lime, a small fruit tree, is mainly found in Southeast Asia. The beneficial properties of the fruit have long been known and highly valued in the folk medicine of many countries. Kaffir lime is believed to have antispasmodic, antioxidant, and therapeutic properties that normalize blood pressure and improve psychological well-being. Therefore, it is widely used in Asian, Arabic, and Indian cuisines. It is added to fish dishes with ginger, chili, various types of pepper, and turmeric.

2. Kale

The following popular product on the list is Kale, a very recent phenomenon and utterly different from other crops. It features unusual corrugated leaves with selenium and iron, copper and manganese, sodium, and zinc. Also worth mentioning is that the vegetable is rich in micronutrients, each of which has an essential function as regulating the balance in the tissues of the muscular system, participating in the metabolism of salts, calming the nerves, and treating diseases caused by diseases by bacteria. Kale is suitable for consumption fresh or as an addition to soups or side dishes.

3. Kiwi Berries

Kiwi berries are very similar to ordinary kiwis, and they can support the immune system and prevent chronic diseases. This smaller version of kiwi also has a lot of vitamin C, which promotes better iron absorption and good cholesterol.

4. Kiwi

In terms of its beneficial properties, the kiwi is an absolute godsend for increasing the body’s resistance to infections and strengthening the immune system. This fruit contains a large amount of vitamins PP, E, B1, and B2 and potassium, magnesium in combination with vitamin C. The valuable properties of kiwi can rid blood vessels of blood clots and burn harmful fats in the body. Recent studies show that kiwi improve physical performance and have anti-tumor effects. In addition, kiwifruit is often used in cosmetology for its concentration of antioxidants, which contributes to excellent skin cleansing and satiety.

5. Kokam

Moving on to another product beginning with the letter “K” that you may not have heard of before, kokam. It is a small purple fruit source of garcinol, which protects the body from tissue damage and can be used for medicinal purposes. The fruit grows on small evergreen trees in southern India.

6. Kudzu

A fantastic plant from the tropics and subtropics of Southeast Asia, kudzu is actively used to treat female ailments, headaches, and addiction to alcohol and tobacco. However, it is not only used for healing ailments but also for food. Its leaves are used to prepare vitamin salads, put in first and second courses, and its flowers are used to make delicious jam.

7. Kim Chi

An ancient sauerkraut dish, kimchi, which has a pleasant spicy-sweet taste, is grossly underrated and often overlooked. This dish has many elements such as probiotics, vitamins, and antioxidants that protect the walls of blood vessels from many diseases. Koreans believe that eating kimchi regularly can get rid of fat deposits and reduce blood cholesterol levels.

8. Kombu

It is impossible to imagine Japanese cuisine without kombu, which has become popular because of its health benefits. This seaweed has positive effects on the body and contains protein, iodine, calcium, iron, which strengthens bones and joints, and vitamins. Kombu is pickled, dried, stewed with fish or vegetables, or consumed raw.

9. Kalettes

One of the most versatile vegetables is kalettes, a hybrid created by a British breeding company crossing Brussels sprouts and kale. But the main advantage of kalettes is the high content of vitamins C and B6 and special enzymes that contribute to the organ of vision. As a result, this type of vegetable is incredibly nutritious and great to add to your daily diet.

10. Kohlrabi

Very tasty, full of necessary elements for the body, kohlrabi cabbage is one of the most vitamin dietary vegetables. Also, the vegetable has a very high nutritional value and can be stored for a long time in fresh or frozen form. According to scientists worldwide studies, kohlrabi help normalize metabolism, improve immunity, and help the body resist colds and infectious diseases. No matter what form kohlrabi is cooked, it will not lose its valuable properties and make any dish amazingly valuable.

11. Kidney Bean

One of the healthiest foods in our diet is kidney beans. They are easily digestible protein that is an excellent alternative for vegetarians in their nutritional value. It is called kidney beans because they are similar to kidneys, and they are suitable for reducing blood sugar levels. In addition, kidney beans have a beneficial effect on the digestive system, have a beneficial impact on the immune system, and increase the body’s resistance to infections.

12. Kumquat

An appealing fruit with a sweet and spicy taste, the kumquat is found in many parts of the world in the citrus family. It is a low-calorie food rich in pectin and vitamin P, and ascorbic acid. In addition, the fruit helps to strengthen the immune system, reduces blood cholesterol levels, and is allowed for use in diet dishes. Kumquat can be eaten raw and can also be used to make delicious sauces, salads, jellies, candied fruits, candies, and many other sweet dishes.

13. Kumara

Called kumara in New Zealand, sweet potatoes are a versatile vegetable that can be used as a stand-alone dish. It is effortless to digest and is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, and potassium. Kumera is also recommended for the prevention of digestive diseases and spleen problems. In addition, it is a healthy alternative to a sugary snack and provides good energy.

14. Kenchur

If you like sauces, you are probably familiar with ketchup, which, among other valuable properties, can actively remove harmful cholesterol from the human body. In addition, choosing high-quality ketchup can enrich the body with vitamins and beneficial substances contained in tomatoes. Unfortunately, industrially produced ketchup often contains preservatives, flavorings, and stabilizers. The best way to combine it with snacks, poultry, meat, or vegetable dishes would be homemade ketchup.

15. Koshihikari Rice

Koshihikari rice is one of the main ingredients in everyone’s favorite dish, sushi. It is a fine-grained variety of the highest quality with a unique flavor, natural sweetness. Additionally, it is an excellent source of minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Koshihikari rice contains B vitamins as well as potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, and phosphorus. It is also able to neutralize excess stomach acid.

16. Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken is a delicious Thai dish adored by many. Behind the spicy taste, it also has a mix of flavors, including soy sauce, peppers, and so on, from which you can get all the available nutrients that are also good for our health. This popular Chinese take-out dish has fantastic flavor, but it can also be replicated in your kitchen from the comfort of your own home.

17. Kidneys

The following exciting product from the list with the letter “K” is kidneys, with an abundance of omega fatty acids and other perfect substances for health. A variety of animal kidneys are available for you to eat, and it is possible to choose the preparation that suits you.

18. Kangaroo meat

One of the most environmentally friendly types of meat, which belongs to dietary and low-calorie products, is kangaroo meat. It contains about twenty-four percent protein and some fat. Therefore, the consumption of kangaroo meat with vitamins, micronutrients, and polyunsaturated fatty acids can reduce cholesterol levels and help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The most popular kangaroo meat dishes are steak, sausage, and it is also commonly cooked in pots with vegetables and aromatic spices.

19. Kabobs

Like any fried meat, Kabobs do not belong to the dietary dish, but eating it in reasonable quantities is not only a pleasure in nature but also has a particularly positive effect on the body. For its preparation, almost any meat is used; you can grill or pan-fry it with the addition of vegetables so that the dish is guaranteed to be a success. Moreover, kabobs is a protein dish, a source of complete animal protein along with fat-soluble vitamins.

20. Kipper

Small kipper fish is a widespread species eaten for breakfast in many U.S. states. They are incredibly flavorful and contain omega fatty acids that support a healthy diet. In addition, Kipper is served smoked or salted in various restaurants around the world.

21. King Fish or King Mackerel

The most common forms of King Mackerel in modern cooking are salted or smoked. It is also served with minced herbs and vegetables in steak or cooked in foil on the grill. This fish meat contains numerous easily digestible proteins and helpful trace elements that positively affect the brain, eyes, heart, and blood vessels. However, it is essential to remember that this fish is very delicate and can quickly dry out when cooking.

22. King Crab

Seafood meat is very healthy because its protein is especially rich in taurine, actively nourishing muscles and blood vessels. King crab is read as a delicacy because of its rich flavor and meat composition, ahead of many plant and animal products. In addition, crabmeat dishes are helpful for people suffering from endocrine system diseases, improving metabolism and digestive system organs.

23. Kedgeree

One of the most popular dishes of the classic English breakfast since the heyday of the British Empire and borrowed in part from the Indians is the kedgeree. It’s a cross between risotto and curry rice for those who like unusual flavor combinations. Kedgeree can be served cold or hot and is perfect as a centerpiece of the table.

24. Key Lime Pie

Going a little off the topic of fruit, it’s worth mentioning key lime pie, a traditional American dessert that has retained all the health benefits of lime and a nice flavor. It turns out very juicy, with a sourness, moderately sweet. It is a delicious treat, but it is not quite suitable for followers of a healthy diet.

25. Kettle Corn

Kettle Corn is usually considered a holiday treat and is a sweet variety of popcorn generally mixed with butter, sugar, and salt. The dish gets its name because of the long tradition of cooking it in cast iron cauldrons to mix all the ingredients thoroughly. This dish is straightforward to make at home and also keeps its traditional flavor.

26. Kirsch

Kirsch is a unique alcoholic drink with a substantial assemblage, and the original gastronomic bouquet obtained by distillation of fermented black cherry must fit together with the pips. Its main feature is a noticeable bitterness and light almond flavor and a mild flavor that is perfect for forming the desired mood. Kirsch is actively used in cooking as a flavoring for desserts, goes well with meat and hot dishes, seafood and fruit.

27. Kahula

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Kahula is a type of coffee liqueur and is of Mexican origin. The liqueur’s high nutritional value and alcoholic strength allow for quick recovery and warmth when consumed in moderation. The drink is used to prepare desserts, served on ice, and added to hot beverages.

28. Kvass

The main symbol of summer is kvass, a tasty drink and a valuable source of B vitamins that help digest fats and protein dishes. Moreover, it has a favorable effect on the stomach’s acidity and restores intestinal flora. In addition, some sources mention that kvass relieves fatigue and unnecessary irritation and is an indispensable tool in the fight against stress.

29. Krackel Bars

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Another sweet option on this list, Krackel Bars with milk chocolate and crispy rice from the Hershey Company. Unlike some of the company’s other products, these bars have not been regularly available as a stand-alone treat since 1938. Because of its crunchy texture, Krackel Bars have gained many fans worldwide and an honorable place on our list of products beginning with the letter “K.”

30. Klondike bar

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Another sweet option, Klondike bar, is an ice cream square covered in a thin layer of chocolate with different flavors inside. These sweet treats come in about 14 different flavors, which means everyone will find the perfect one for themselves, regardless of age.

31. Kit Kat

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An optimal and fast solution to hunger is the Kit Kat chocolate bar, which is very popular with children and young people and can improve concentration, mood, and performance. Now that chocolate is produced worldwide, it has bright and attractive packaging, so it is impossible to pass by it. In addition to the traditional chocolate-covered waffle bar, you can enjoy many other flavors of the legendary product in some cities around the world.

32. Krispy Kreme

Light, airy dough in the original Krispy Kreme glaze is another food whose name begins with the letter “K.” This tasty take-out treat is made from premium flour by our stated standards. Krispy Kreme is a great quick snack option with original flavors inside hand-decorated.

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