39 Infographics for Wine Lovers


There have been rumors about wine being good for our bodies for a long time. Want to learn more information about wine? The 39 helpful infographics below will help.

1. Turning Water And Energy Into Wine

Wine is a top-rated product with an exciting history. In countries like France, it is customary to have a glass at lunch and dinner. With proper and moderate consumption, you’ll get the most out of this drink.

2. How The Wine Bottling Process Works

Winemaking is one of the oldest occupations of humankind. It is also a complex technological process that has been developed and perfected for centuries. Learn how the process of making wine in detail below.

3. How Red Wine Is Made

Red wine has always been popular with whites and rosés. Wineries produce red wine today using recipes from Greece and Persia with 600 years of history. Dark grapes are collected, fermented, stirred, and separated from the skins with a press and aged.

4. Starter Collection

Millennia later, winemakers with the best traits make everyone’s favorite drink. Wine is blessed with glory and exalted by a long tradition. At the same time, many wine lovers know very little about it. We suggest expanding their knowledge with the helpful infographic below.

5. Red Vs. White Wine

You’ve probably encountered white and red wines and wondered exactly what the difference is between them. The difference between them begins with the fact that they are produced differently. It isn’t easy to generalize all red wines or all white wines, and we invite you to understand this topic with the material below.

6. How To Buy Organic Wine

Few people know that South Africa is not behind Italy in the wine business. It is one of the leading wine-producing powers in the New World. Every year about 900 million liters of wine are produced here, with a unique, memorable taste.

7. The History Of Wine From South Africa

Wine is a great gift and addition to the holiday table. However, choosing wine in the midst of a huge variety can be a daunting task. The infographic below is designed to make it easier for you.

8. How Long Your Opened Bottle Of Wine Last

Everyone’s obsessed with wine these days. It won’t be easy to find those who do not appreciate this noble drink. Furthermore, it is also essential to know, in addition to varieties, how much and how to properly store wine after opening.

9. A Beginner’s Guide To Wine

If you like good wine, you should definitely read the infographic below. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about wine. In addition, you will be able to pick up a bottle of wine whose taste and aroma cannot leave anyone indifferent.

10. Aromas Wheel For Wine

For wine connoisseurs, it’s essential to know the particular flavor of the drink. There is an exceptional wheel that will help distinguish the minor nuances. Moreover, it will help to improve our understanding of flavors.

11. Wine Dessert Pairings

There are as many lovers of good wines in the world as lovers of desserts. The basic rules of pairing apply when choosing a pairing for a sweet. All of them are affordably outlined below.

12. Pairing Wine And Cheese

Like wine, cheeses came to us from the Middle East. In ancient times, tribes began fermenting milk to preserve it longer during long journeys. In general, white wines pair better with cheeses than reds. More helpful rules for wine and cheese pairing can be found below.

13. Glasses

The taste and impression of wine depend significantly on what you’re drinking it from. You will feel the difference if you drink your favorite wine from the right glass. The varieties of wine glasses and their essentials for wine can be found below.

14. A Glass A Day

It is believed that wine cannot harm the body in moderate quantities. This drink has been known to humanity since ancient times. Some argue that it is even helpful for health.

15. How To Choose Wine

A good wine can brighten up the evening and excellently complete the dinner. You can choose a drink from a few simple tips. Of course, all wines vary in grape varieties, color, region, aging, and many other factors. What different nuances should be considered when buying except the price can be found out below.

16. The Anatomy Of Sangria

Sangria is a relatively low-alcohol soft drink. It can easily be made at home from ordinary but at the same time high-quality, mostly dry table wines. Honey, vanilla, syrups, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and fresh mint are also added to sangria.

17. Drinking Customs Around The World

Every region of the world has its wine-drinking traditions. For example, the Italians need to serve white wine with pizza, and for the French, it is all about the enjoyment and pleasure of wine. The infographic below explains the intricacies of drinking the noble beverage in countries with a long winemaking tradition.

18. Guide To Pairing Candy With Wine

Two stunning treats, like chocolate and wine, are something that can instantly lift your spirits. The flavors can overlap each other, overwhelming the subtle flavors. For their combination to make you happy, follow these simple rules. Often too sweet chocolate can significantly spoil the impression of the wine.

19. Counting Calories

Wine, compared to other alcoholic beverages, has a higher energy value than, for example, beer. Therefore, to avoid that a glass of fine wine every night will not cause you to gain extra pounds, it is essential to choose the most low-calorie product.

20. Bordeaux Wine Pairings

Bordeaux wines are produced in the southwest of France in the wine-growing region of the same name. This type of wine has won a resounding success. Want a new gastronomic experience with the usual dishes? We suggest you check out the infographic below.

21. How To Make White Wine

Making wine is a true art. Such drinks can be made at home.  Quality white grape wines have a mild, delicate taste and a pleasant smell. The main thing is that the berries should be juicy, with high sugar content and moderate acidity, and their juice should not be stained.

22. Pairing Christmas Cookies With Wine

Desserts with red wine rarely do without a holiday meal with the people close to them. Wine cookies are simply a classic of the genre, practiced all over the world. The selection of wine desserts is as varied as the variety of wines produced worldwide.

23. Wine Vs. Beer

Beer lovers and wine lovers are two big groups. The debate over which drink is better has been going on for years. We offer you a detailed look at the characteristics of these drinks below.

24. How To Choose A Red Wine

Red wine is characterized by relaxing and calming qualities. It is also known that this kind of wine relieves fatigue, overwork, acts as an antiseptic and bactericidal agent. The wine will also help recover strength after an illness when adequately consumed. How to choose the right red wine we suggest to understand with the help of the infographic below.

25. Make Me Wine

Wine is exciting, challenging to understand, and enjoyable to discuss. But, of course, there are many variations, and ideally, it is better to mix them in different proportions. Perhaps that’s why so many people want to understand wine, at least on a basic, elementary level.

26. Tips And Tricks Of Bubbles

There is practically no holiday without sparkling drinks. And sometimes you want to have a glass of sparkling wine without any momentous occasion. But how to choose a drink among the variety of white and pink, dry and sweet options? Let’s figure it out below.

27. Colors Of Wine

The color of a wine is one of the most easily recognizable characteristics. It also counts as an element of wine classification. The color mainly depends on the color of the grape variety’s seed, vinification method, and timing.

28. Complete Guide To The Wines Of Italy

There are more than two dozen regions in Italy, and each produces its unique wine. These wines are characterized by diversity, terroir, and a unique winemaking approach. More material on this topic can be found below.

29. Storage

The culture of noble wine consumption is increasing around the world. If you appreciate wine and know how to choose it, you should also know about the storage conditions of wine. This will help preserve the flavor, aroma and extend the shelf life of the wine.

30. Pizza And Wine Pairings

Wine and pizza are perfect pairings, and they complement each other perfectly. Below we will tell you about the ideal wine and pizza pairing. These are reasonably common wines and are almost certainly on any wine list.

31. A Question Of Taste

We drink water every day, and for us, it is a typical physiological need; at the same time, drinking wine is a pleasure, where it is vital to get the essence out of the drink. There are several types of tasting, each with its purpose. Properly drinking wine and a few more essential nuances can be found below.

32. The Art Of The Wine Cellar

A bottle of good wine is one of the most popular gifts. Collecting wine is expensive, but it is also a particular art. In the infographic below, we’ll tell you how to store wine at home correctly. After all, the preservation of your collection and the quality of the drink depends on it.

33. Burger And Wine Pairings

To choose the perfect wine for each burger, you need to study the infographic below. Here you will find the basic principles followed when combining any other dish.

34. The Different Types Of Wine

Wine is an alcoholic drink based on grape juice. The type of wine depends primarily on the type of grapes used and the amount of sugar. To understand the power and strength of this simple drink, we suggest familiarizing ourselves with the main types.

35. Pairing Wine With Thanksgiving Dishes

From savory to sweet, Thanksgiving dinner is an unbeatable showcase of all things delicious. However, choosing the best wine to pair with the queen of the table, turkey, can be a real challenge. Which wine will satisfy the variety of dishes on the table, tells you infographic below.

36. Wine Around The World

Wonderful wines are made in Italy and all over the world. France, Moldova, the United States, Cyprus, and the Czech Republic also delight wine lovers with unforgettable flavors and aromas. The best wine and where to go on a wine tour can be found below.

37. How To Stock The Perfect Home Bar

Wine bar aesthetics enchant with a cozy semi-darkness. Sometimes a wine cabinet can become a full-fledged art piece in a room. If you’ve been thinking about creating a home bar for a long time, the infographic below would love to help.

38. Wine Pairings

We often can’t tell how good or bad wine is. But, if we open the wine simultaneously and pair it with the right wine, we’re guaranteed to have a good time. That’s what helps us understand the difference and decide on our next purchase.

39. Bordeaux

To the world, Bordeaux is the very epitome of wine. Wine has been known here since before the advent of vineyards, in the first half of the first century BC. Bordeaux wine has always been made from several varieties with complementary qualities. You will learn what else you need to know about the gold standard in the wine world below.

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