26 Infographics About Appetizers and Snacks


An appetizer is usually the first course of a lunch or dinner. If you’re looking for quick and easy snack options for your evening, we’ve put together 26 infographics to help you. This way, you’ll learn what’s on about classic appetizers or unusual recipes to expand your menu.

1. The Most Iconic Snacks by State

Since the primary purpose of a snack is to whet the appetite, it should not be too hearty. Americans prefer quick and simple meals. The beer platter in the United States necessarily includes fast food and barbecue. We found out all about the taste preferences of modern Americans.

2. 10 Snacks Under 200 Calories

For those who are strict about the caloric content of the dishes below, we’ve collected healthy recipes that won’t harm your figure. To find out how to make a delicious, simple meal under 200 calories, check out the infographic below.

3. 15 Delicious Snacks From Countries Around the World

We all love to snack on something in between our main meals. Snacks are not meant to satiate a person but to whet his appetite. Snacking preferences vary from country to country.

4. 12 Scrumptious Holiday Appetizers

Appetizers for the holiday table have special requirements. There are many recipes for these dishes, but we have collected the most original here and fast and inexpensive.

5. The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Office Snacking

Having healthy lunch and snacks in the office is one crucial factor in staying productive during the day. Healthy snack options are foods that are high in healthy fats and low on the glycemic index. However, if you approach the issue knowledgeably, it doesn’t turn out to be that complicated.

6. Easy Gourmet Appetizer Recipes

The selection in the infographic below is a collection of a few good options that will appeal to true gourmets. While exquisite, these appetizers consist of simple ingredients and don’t take much time.

7. Road Trip Snacks

You don’t always want to take the time to prepare a delicious meal when going outdoors. The infographic below will find the best recipes for quick snacks that you can take on a trip. These are prepared from available products and do not take much time.

8. Healthy Snack Habits

Everything in a healthy diet should be balanced. Also, it should necessarily include snacks. These allow you to keep your body toned and provide a stable metabolism.

9. Facts About Snacks

Why are snacks so crucial to our health? They play an essential role in maintaining an average weight, digestion, and metabolism. First, however, snacking should be healthy. We’ve gathered a few interesting facts about snacking below.

10. Any Time Can be Snack Time

One of the principles of good nutrition is its fractional nature. A big break between lunch and dinner can cause intense hunger and overeating in the evening. Ideally, the three main meals should be supplemented by two or three-second meals, and there should be at least 2.5-3 hours between them.

11. 20 Movie Snacks Around the World

Every country has traditional snacks that you can buy before you watch a movie. And while air corn is famous in movie theaters worldwide, there are also unusual snack options in every country. Below we’ve compiled the unique food options found in movie theaters around the world.

12. 9 Hacks for Your Movie Snacks

Cozy winter evenings when you don’t have to rush anywhere is a great time to watch movies with your loved ones. There are a lot of affordable and straightforward snack recipes that will ideally diversify your holiday weekend. Such unpretentious treats are appetizing and incredibly delicious.

13. The Scary Truth About Movie Theater Snacks

The snack-food trend in movie theaters originated in the United States. The universal craze for popcorn no doubt contributes to alarming obesity rates. In this case, it’s best to eat before going to the movie theater or bring a healthy snack with you.

14. 10 Easy Pregnancy Snacks

Having a clear idea of the expectant mother’s diet, you can easily make a good menu. However, do not forget that snacks during pregnancy are prepared only from fresh products of good quality. Below you will find some recipes for what to prepare a pregnant woman for every day.

15. 8 Wild West Appetizer Recipes

The inhabitants of the wild west are famous for their excellent appetite. To satisfy your hunger after an active day, you can choose and quickly prepare one of the snacks below.

16. Fun Healthy Snacks for Kids

Snacks are an integral part of everyday life. However, children’s snack options are gentler, not greasy, and not seasoned.  So which snacks will be healthy, fun, easy, and quick to make? You can find out below.

17. 10 Power Snack Food Combos

Appetizers are small portions between meals to eliminate hunger quickly. The purpose of this category of food is to stimulate appetite and satisfy a need. We offer you several options for combining healthy snacks to get the most out of them.

18. 15 Unusual Healthy Appetizers You’ll Want to Eat

Sometimes, you want to have something highly unusual in the middle of the workweek. Beautiful and unique food heals the nerves, soothes the soul, and is, in some cases, a powerful antidepressant. Snacks, in this state, would be an excellent option. As a rule, they do not require much time and can be prepared even with a small set of products at home.

19. Late Night Snacking for Weight Loss

One of the primary and well-known rules of weight loss says that you should not eat at night. However, nutritionists refute the unconditional nature of this judgment. To begin with, you need to figure out the basic rules of late-night snacking. Then, if you want a variety, you can choose any of the proposed products, which certainly will not harm the figure.

20. 8 Easy Keto Snacks

There are a considerable number of diets in the world. Recently, the keto diet has become very popular in many countries. This involves reducing the number of carbohydrates in the diet and increasing the amount of fat. If you are interested in this, we offer you some snacks on the Keto diet.

21. What Works Better As A Snack: A Banana or Cookie?

Everyone has got into that awkward moment when it is impossible to restrain hunger, but it is too late for a complete meal. For a “better” snack, you need a treat with a high satiety index, like a cookie or banana. Of course, bananas have more natural nutrients, but as a snack, these are equal.

22. 10 Healthy Afternoon Snacks

You should never refuse a healthy snack. The main thing in a healthy snack is to get rid of hunger but eat only healthy foods. In addition, frequent meals allow you to normalize blood sugar levels, improve the production of digestive enzymes, and lower cholesterol levels.

23. 8 Healthy Snacks You Can Eat After 8 PM

A healthy diet is not a rigid diet that deprives you of your favorite foods. For example, if you get hungry in the middle of the night, you should not deny yourself a snack. It is a fact that you should eat dinner 3-4 hours before you go to bed. Just replace the cake with something from our list.

24. How Healthy Your Super Bowl Snacks?

Interesting fact, the average American consumes over 1k calories during the Super Bowl. This is when all the fried, cheesy foods can tempt everyone to abandon their diet plans. We suggest exploring the infographic below, which shows some of the most popular snacks and their respective calories per serving.

25. 50 Health-Conscious Snacks That Are Under 100 Calories

The human diet includes snacks in addition to the main meals. They should not be very calorie-dense and healthy. The system of proper nutrition implies dividing the daily diet into 5-6 equal parts. We offer you a list of foods that contain less than 100 calories and are great for a nutritious snack during the day.

26. American Favorite Snack Foods

It’s hard to find a country with such a mix of different cultures reflected in its dishes as the United States. Each region is dominated by its favorite dishes that are worth getting to know better. So what snacks are especially popular with Americans? The helpful infographic below will help.

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