All About Beer (20 Infographics)


Beer is considered one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages in the world. It is one of the oldest drinks with a rich history. There are many different kinds of beer, and to better understand them, here are 20 informative infographics below. Here you’ll find many facts about the history, basics, and brewing of one of our most popular drinks.

1. Learn About Beer

Do you think you know everything about beer? We suggest you get to see this drink with the infographic below. Finish it to the end, and you’re sure to learn some incredible new facts about your favorite foamy beverage.

2. 29 Little Known Facts About Beer

Beer can safely be called the most famous alcoholic drink globally. In some countries, its consumption is much more widespread than even tea. Below will be considered many unknown, interesting facts about beer.

3. Interesting Facts About Beer

According to statistics, beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in the world. We offer you some fascinating facts about this foamy drink that you probably did not know.

4. Global Beer Facts & Stats

There is a lot of attention paid to beer, and for a good reason. It is not only very fragrant and tasty but also a beneficial drink. By the way, in the general rating of all liquids consumed, beer has distinguished itself, taking third place in popularity after water and tea.

5. The History of Beer

There is no doubt that many people love beer, and with the current selection, there are more and more admirers of this drink. Today there is an excellent variety of all kinds of beer so that every beer gourmand can find a variant to their liking. You can read more about the history of the drink below.

6. Essential Beer Guide

Rumors about the composition of beer abound. To better understand the aroma, it is best to get acquainted with the drink’s composition. With the help of the infographic below, we open the door to the storehouse of beer ingredients.

7. Different Types of Beer (Beer 101)

As it happens, beer is one of the most popular beverages consumed by humans. Today, the classification of beer is highly varied. Inexperienced lovers of foamy drinks know only about light and dark beer. Not every lover of the beverage can list the types of beer.

8. The Most Bizarre and Strongest Beers Ever

Today, there is a great abundance of types and varieties of beer. The further classification of the kinds of beer results from disputes, discussions, ideas, and fantasies. Let’s try to analyze together what kind of beer there is.

9. Craft Beer

Those who like to spend an evening with a glass at a beer restaurant have probably heard of craft beer. This drink is often found on the menus of various establishments, so many questions about what it is.

10. Craft Beer Consumers

Craft beer is a drink that is brewed in private breweries following long-standing recipes. True connoisseurs know precisely the difference between craft beer and regular beer. Below we offer you an insight into the consumers of craft beer.

11. How to Make Beer

Homemade beer has the advantage of a richer flavor, thicker foam, and no preservatives. You get a drink that does not contain anything unnecessary. Below, we will overview how you can brew beer according to the classic recipe, using only traditional ingredients.

12. The Life of a Beer

Brewing is a multi-step process. It begins with mixing sprouted and ground barley malt and water and adding flavor compounds. Details on the life history of beer can be found below.

13. How to Taste Beer

Tasting beer is an exciting activity. The drink has many different flavors. To taste beer, you need to follow a few steps from the infographic below. Your experience with beer is the most critical indicator of taste.

14. Top 3 Reasons to Drink Beer From a Glass

Everyone knows today that it is right to have a different glass for every drink. We often don’t take beer as seriously as other alcoholic beverages. But true connoisseurs of beer know that there is an extra glass for each kind of beer, which helps to reveal all the taste and aroma of beer.

15. The Beer Glass Puzzle

The correct way to drink beer is in special glasses, glasses, and mugs. In addition, the inside of the vessel must be smooth to allow the beer to flow down smoothly. More important details about proper beer consumption can be found below.

16. 8 Great Beer Coctails

Beer cocktails have gained popularity relatively recently. Some people deny their very right to exist, while others can’t imagine parties and celebrations without them. Below we share some simple recipes for beer cocktails.

17. Beer & Wine

Beer and wine are the two main alcoholic beverages. Do many people wonder which one is best for us in each situation? Everything you should know before you go for a beer or wine you will find below.

18. Pizza & Beer Pairings

The accompanying drink can seriously affect the taste of the dish. That’s why it’s not enough to order a pizza, and you need to add the right glass to it for maximum enjoyment. It is known that in America, pizza and beer are inseparable. Why? We propose to understand below.

19. The Ultimate Guide to Pairing Soup With Wine & Beer

At first glance, the pairing of wine or beer and soup may seem like an odd combination. Fortunately, there are many varieties of soups and drinks, which gives a wide field for exciting experiments.

20. Beer is Always the Right Answer

It is simply impossible to refuse a glass of cold beer in summer. There have always been lovers and connoisseurs of beer. The diversity can scatter your eyes in different directions, but now every beer lover can find a drink to their taste.

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