17 Infographics About Interesting Food Traditions From Around the World


Every country and nation is unique. It is clear that each culture has its gastronomic traditions and etiquette. This applies to different drinks, dishes, and processes associated with cooking and serving.

Before you go on a trip around the world, we recommend you to learn the exciting food traditions of different countries. The 17 infographics below will be a great help in this.

1. Dining Etiquettes Around the World

The word ” etiquette” is known in every country. There are customs and peculiarities everywhere, which have been formed over many centuries. In different countries, these have acquired their characteristic nuances peculiar to the culture and the traditions of communication. Therefore, we suggest you learn simple table etiquette rules in other countries and not get a free portion of strange looks from the locals.

2. 20 Staple Foods From Around the World

In addition to various variations of traditional dishes, drinks, and snacks, each nation has staple foods. Each one is unique in its way and perfectly brings out the local flavor. You can learn more about this in detail below.

3. Banned Foods Around the World

Before you travel to a foreign country, be sure to study the local cuisine and laws. This way you will know in case your favorite food is forbidden in another country. For example, your favorite candy, soda, meat, or even relatively harmless berries may be on the taboo list in different cultures.

4. 10 Food Traditions From Around the World

Some traditions related to the consumption of food in other countries may seem wild to us. But there are as many cultures as there are original customs. A few unusual traditions from around the world are outlined below.

5. Iconic Dishes From Around the World

Our planet is so diverse that it is hard to imagine. Each nation has its extraordinary national cuisine. That is why it is advantageous to travel because only you can see how things are in other parts of the world. Find out below what dishes are the calling cards of different countries of the world.

6. Breakfast From Around the World

The national cuisine of each state reflects its main cultural traditions. And no wonder that breakfasts in different countries of the world are entirely different from each other. So what do they eat for breakfast in Malaysia, India, Turkey, and other parts of the world? Find out all the helpful information in the infographic below.

7. City Brunches From Around the World

Brunch literally means ” late breakfast.” In addition to food, it also includes a variety of activities for children and adults. It’s a good brunch option for those who like to sleep in longer, but also a chance to meet up with friends and spend time eating and talking. We’ve selected some of the best brunch offerings from around the world.

8. Office Lunches Around the World

Every country has different preferences for brunch during the workday. Lunches are usually eaten either at your desk or at a cafe near where you work. The infographic below offers you a look at the usual lunches of people from different countries around the world.

9. School Dinners From Around the World

To inspire you, we suggest looking at the infographic below and exploring what school lunches are preferred worldwide. First, of course, you have to understand that there is no single school lunch. Instead, there’s a variety of dishes and the most unexpected sets of foods.

10. 20 Holiday Delicacies From Around the World

All over the world, dishes are prepared for various commemorative days of the calendar that are considered the most delicious. Below, you will find appetizing dishes commonly served on the table in different countries worldwide during the magical holiday. They have been tested for more than one generation, and everyone loves them without exception.

11. 14 Christmas Food Traditions From Around the World

Christmas is traditionally associated with coziness, festive lights, and a delicious dinner with the family. It gives people confident emotions and the belief that the coming year will lead only to pleasure and prosperity. At the same time, delicious food and a unique atmosphere also help to set the mood for a positive mindset.

12. 5 Weird Christmas Foods from Around the World

The classic European Christmas dinner is roasted meat and vegetables. However, some countries worldwide prefer to eat an entirely different kind of food during the New Year and Christmas holidays. To many of us, these may seem creepy or strange.

13. Easter Treats From Around the World

Easter is a holiday that is widely celebrated around the world. The unique charm lies in the fact that the traditions and holidays are different everywhere. We’ve collected some fantastic Easter foods from around the world in the infographic below.

14. Traditional Wedding Food From Around the World

Weddings around the world are celebrated and treated differently. No matter where the dish comes from, what matters is the originality, the delicacy of its appearance, the unforgettable savory taste. Every country has its own unique and traditional dishes. Let’s remember the wedding culinary dishes of different countries and nations.

15. How People Grill Around the World

Grilling is known to many as a great way to prepare a delicious meal quickly. The tradition of grilling vegetables, meat, or fish has deep roots. It’s a great vacation option to bask in the sun and enjoy flavorful, golden-crusted meats.

16. Time for Tea: The Different Tea Traditions From Around the World

Every country in the world loves to have a cup of delicious tea. For five thousand years, the drink has spread to all continents, becoming an unchanging attribute of the cultural traditions of many peoples. Have you tried one of the variations of the classic tea from the infographic below?

17. A Quick Guide to Coffee Etiquette Around the World

The habit of starting the morning with a cup of coffee is familiar to almost every person on the planet. In many countries, the world of coffee is closely intertwined with culture and tradition. The infographic below will be of immense interest to all coffee lovers with a passion for travel. It may change the way we look at our favorite cup of espresso or Americano over the morning paper.

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