Health Benefits of Honey and How to Add it to Your Diet (28 Infographics)


We can talk about the benefits of bee honey endlessly. It is considered one of the best products of healthy food around the world. The first mention of the medicinal properties of honey can be found about 5 thousand years ago in the ancient Egyptian papyri.

In addition, today, there are many ways to use honey in cooking. You can learn more about the amber nectar, which has pleasant, valuable properties, by studying the 28 infographics below.

1. 18 Varieties of Honey and How to Enjoy Them

Bee honey is a natural product that has long been valued for its beneficial properties. The unique composition offers a lot of valuable substances like carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and others. Honey is commonly classified according to what plants bloom nearby. Learn more about each variety of honey below.

2. Health Benefits of Honey

The healing properties of bee products have been known since ancient times. Honey restores and gives strength, improves the body’s protective functions, and raises the immune system. In addition, honey contains a relatively large amount of vitamin B2 C, PP, E, K, pantothenic acid, salts of calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, and more.

3. The Amber Nectar with Sweet Benefits

Honey is considered the most ancient delicacy. In addition, it is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, natural honey is recommended to eat not only during the cold season, as we are accustomed to but throughout the year.

4. How Do Bees Make Honey

Honey, as a food product, humankind has known for decades. However, without knowing how honey is made, it is impossible to appreciate it. You can learn more about how bees harvest honey and the process of processing it in the helpful infographic below.

5. 6 Benefits of Honey

Honey is a valuable product with unsurpassed nutritional and gustatory qualities and a range of beneficial and therapeutic properties. It is an excellent preventive and tonic. In addition, honey strengthens the immune system, gives the body a lot of energy, and is recommended to treat many diseases.

6. 50 Benefits of Raw Honey

Raw honey is intense nectar from flowers that have not been pasteurized, heated, or subjected to any heat treatment. It is very beneficial and contains textured crystals and bits of honeycomb. Let’s take a look at why you should eat raw honey with the simple infographic below.

7. The Buzz on Honey

Honey is one of the oldest foods and an effective remedy for a multitude of ailments. Also, honey is actively used in cosmetology; it has a positive effect on the skin and helps to combat sleep disorders. More about the different uses and how honey positively affects the body can be found below.

8. Unique Benefits of Flavoured Honey

Mixtures of honey and essential oils, or flavored jars of honey, are whole medicines. Unlike ordinary honey, it is one of the valuable products of apitherapy. To prepare flavored honey, you can choose honey that meets therapeutic standards and special bio-labeled oils that guarantee their quality.

9. How to Use Honey for Better Health

Honey is considered the world’s first sweetener, as sugar became unavailable until the third century. Even the most ancient civilizations knew about its exceptional properties. Darker varieties are richer in minerals of value to the body.

10. The 10 Amazing Benefits of Using Honey in Your Diet

Honey is often called a healthy alternative to sugar. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Also, honey is rich in vitamins and minerals that have a lot of health benefits.

11. 12 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Honey

Honey has also found wide use in cosmetology. With the help of this unique product, beauticians can carry out wrapping procedures. Due to its properties to improve the condition of human skin and hair. These cosmetic procedures and products will help hair become shiny and strong, and the skin remains velvety and healthy-looking.

12. 8 Benefits of Honey for Skin and Hair

Since childhood, many people have heard about the benefits of honey. It contains many natural substances that will help the immune system and the health of the skin and hair. Honey also has many cleansing and moisturizing components, which makes honey a universal skin treatment. In addition, the acids in honey make a mild chemical peel when applied to the skin, and the peptides and vitamins help rejuvenate.

13. 7 Super Sweet Honey Facts

We try to replace sugar with healthier honey, and in winter, we save ourselves from colds. Everyone knows about its healing properties and nutrients, so there is no point in telling a lot about the valuable properties of honey. Instead, today we will inform you of seven interesting facts about honey.

14. True Source Honey

Without exception, people have learned to use all bee products to benefit their health, but honey has been out of competition for many centuries. Different varieties differ not only in color and taste but also in chemical composition. That is why people since ancient times were aware and valued its undeniable usefulness.

15. Real Honey Vs. Factory Honey

Honey is a healthy treat. However, it is imperative to distinguish between natural honey and counterfeit, which has no health value. In addition, unnatural honey is quite dangerous to eat and use for cosmetic purposes.

16. Know How to Test for Pure Honey

Since ancient times, honey has been valued by people for its unique properties. However, before using this product, it is crucial to verify its authenticity. You can determine the quality by the appearance of the product, its taste, and consistency with the help of various improvised materials.

17. Difference Between Sugar and Honey

Sugar and honey are the two most consumed sweeteners in the world. They are most often used as a food ingredient in the production of confectionery. Honey contains less fructose and glucose compared to sugar. You can learn more about these popular ingredients in the infographic below.

18. 8 Things that Happen When You Drink Honey Water on an Empty Stomach

One simple means to start the metabolic processes in the morning at home is considered water with honey. The therapeutic properties of such a drink are determined by the usefulness of the bee product, which contains acids, phytoncides, vitamins B and C. When you drink honey water on an empty stomach, it goes straight to the stomach and is instantly absorbed into the blood, which gives the result.

19. The Benefits of Warm Honey Lemon in the Morning

Water, like nothing else, is best able to take care of and start all the necessary vital processes in the body. If you want to please your body, add a teaspoon of honey and a small piece of lemon to the water. Such a combination will give inner comfort and tranquility and a feeling of vigor in the morning.

20. What is Manuka Honey?

Manuka is a medicinal shrub native to New Zealand with dark green oblong leaves and thick branches. Honey is made by bees from the flowers of the white-pink shrub and has several differences from the usual delicacy. Such honey has antiseptic, antiviral, and antioxidant properties. Manuka honey is said to be healthier than other varieties of honey.

21. Why Manuka Honey Heals Eczema

Manuka honey is one of the rarest and most expensive kinds of honey. However, it has a place of honor among other varieties and is in unprecedented demand. The product contains a medium amount of fructose, glucose, vitamins B, C, K, and E. This honey effectively reduces the symptoms of eczema and acts as a natural moisturizer to relieve dry skin.

22. Types of Italian Honey You Need to Try

In Italy, natural honey is still very popular. More than fifty types of this product are produced throughout the country. Each of the regions is ready to offer its extraordinary variety from the pollen of local plants. The Italian high standard requires a complete absence of additional treatments and careful control.

23. How to Make Lavender Honey

Lavender honey contains about 200 active ingredients. Not everyone has been able to taste the natural lavender honey worked on by Provencal bees. Nevertheless, it can easily be made at home, very close in taste to that Provençal honey.

24. Cooking with Honey

Recipes with honey are very diverse. It can be included in desserts, appetizers, salads, and first courses. Also, honey is part of many sauces and dressings. As a result, dishes with their use become more delicious and flavorful.

25. Honey Beer Bread Recipe

A fairly popular American recipe for Honey Beer Bread can easily be replicated from the comfort of your own home. You will need simple ingredients to make it, and it doesn’t take much time. Learn more about the honey beer bread recipe below.

26. Honey and Sesame-Glazed Chicken Breast Recipe

Chicken is a top-rated product worldwide, and together with honey and sesame, it is helpful and incredibly delicious. To prepare it, you need simple ingredients that every homemaker has in their kitchen. As a result, you get a new, unusual taste and dish for any holiday.

27. Honey and Coconut Cookies

Tender honey-coconut flavor and uncomplicated preparation are the main advantages of these cookies. These humble cookies surprisingly taste delicious. The recipe is sure to please fans of traditional desserts for an afternoon snack.

28. Keto-Friendly Honey Apple Toast Recipe for Breakfast

Toast is a quick and nutritious meal option for morning breakfasts for the whole family. Breakfast should be nutritious, healthy, and, most importantly, delicious. Keto-friendly honey apple toast satisfies all of these criteria.

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