6 Bountiful Benefits of Brazil Nuts


In just two Brazil nuts, you will find a bounty of necessary vitamins and nutrients along with your total daily selenium recommendation. It is a great addition to your diet though do not let the steep price tag deter you. Since you only need a couple a day, you can really make them last. Here is how Brazil nuts can make you last long in life too.

1. Natural testosterone booster

Thanks to the high content of selenium, it naturally boosts testosterone levels as well as creates more sperm. If your man has a low sperm count, this is the best natural way to raise it effectively.

2. Protects the thyroid

Your thyroid is a gland that is responsible for regulating, producing and distributing the most important hormones throughout your body. In Brazil nuts, there is an active enzyme, triiodothyronine, which helps your thyroid function properly. While eating Brazil nuts will not reverse a thyroid condition, they will help prevent problems in the future.

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3. Huge source of selenium

You will find the mineral selenium in some foods as well as water. It serves to help keep your metabolism functioning properly. It is also a powerful antioxidant.

4. Makes skin radiant

Again, the selenium content in Brazil nuts is beneficial for something else – skin. Free radicals make our skin dull and cause it to age. With such powerful antioxidant power, Brazil nuts chase away the damage.

5. Excellent source of vitamin E

Another antioxidant in Brazil nuts is vitamin E. It helps develop red blood cells and boost your immunity. In roughly 100 grams of Brazil nuts, you will get just over half of your recommended daily dosage.

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6. Clears up skin

Acne problems are no problem with Brazil nuts. They contain a high level of zinc which has been shown to get rid of acne and balance skin. Eat a few Brazil nuts a day to enjoy clearer skin.

There is one thing you should be aware of when eating Brazil nuts, though. Because of the high content of selenium, it is recommended that you avoid eating too many at once or you may get selenium poisoning.

Brazil nuts prove that too much of a good thing is definitely overdoing it. Plus, they are high in fat and calories. So only eat a few of them to enjoy their benefits without any problems.

How can you enjoy Brazil nuts aside from munching on them from the jar? They are great to crush up and throw onto your salads. Or blend them into your smoothies. You can also add a healthy crunch to desserts like pudding or yogurt by adding some crushed Brazil nuts to the top. How do you like to use Brazil nuts?