10 Yummy Vegan BBQ Recipes


The secret to making vegan barbecuing work is to find a way to bring in the rich, fatty flavors that meat and cheeses bring to a traditional barbecue. You can approximate the flavor of ricotta cheese, for instance, by puréeing nutritional yeast and raw cashew together. Here are 10 vegan barbecue recipe ideas that you can try out.

1. Grilled vegan chicken

Health food stores sell a product called fake chicken. These products are made out of wheat gluten, soy or other meat substitutes. They even make them in the shape of traditional cuts of chicken. You brush each piece with a glaze made of agave nectar (in place of honey), lime juice, garlic, pepper, cornstarch and cilantro and throw it on the grill. The glaze can be so delicious that you may find yourself using it in other recipes.