10 Delicious and Healthy Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes


The holiday season is one of the hardest times for vegetarians and while Thanksgiving is approaching, my heart is filling with more sadness. More than 46 million turkeys are massacred for Thanksgiving each year with most of them being boiled alive, not to mention the chickens, pigs, cows, and lambs. I wonder, how can people steal the lives from those who deserve to live, no matter how tiny or big they are?

Although I am a partial vegan – I refuse to eat meat – I do keep transitioning into a vegan world and do keep inspiring others to do the same. The holiday season is a real challenge to me. With all the family members, relatives and friends being huge meat lovers, finding something to eat other than meat on a festive table is impossible.

I’m sure I’m not alone, so the only way out here is to cook our own meals that will be safe and tasty for us – full and partial vegetarians. Try out the following vegan Thanksgiving recipes and who knows maybe you will make someone go vegan as well. That’s exactly what I’m going to do this year.

1. Ribollita – Tuscan White Bean Soup

No one will leave your house feeling hungry this holiday season. Get the recipe here.

4. Pumpkin, Butternut Squash, and Gorgonzola Bread Pudding

Since I’m lactose intolerant, I’m going to use a plant-based milk while making the pudding. Get the recipe here.

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5. Vegan Green Bean Casserole

Even if you are bad at cooking, you will not fail to make this gluten-free and vegan casserole. Check out the recipe here.

6. Vegan Roasted Garlic and Herb Dinner Rolls

The step by step instructions with pictures will help you make these dinner rolls with little to no efforts at all. Look for the recipe here.

7. Pumpkin and Cheesy Baked Potato Casserole

No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without pumpkin and baked potatoes. Combine these two ingredients in one super yummy festive meal. Find the recipe here.

8. Roasted Cauliflower Risotto with Truffle Oil

Easy to make and quick to eat, what else do you need for your Thanksgiving table? Get the recipe here.

9. Tofurkey

Trick everyone into thinking they are eating actual turkey. Check out the recipe here.

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10. Lentil Shepard’s Pie

This one is as tasty as a meat version. I would say it is even more delicious. Plus, it is easy to make. Get the full recipe here.

There you have it – some of the tastiest vegan Thanksgiving recipes that you can confidently use for Christmas as well. Whether you eat meat or no, just try them out. Let’s stop promoting an animal abuse together. They deserve to live just like we do! So, what are your favorite vegan Thanksgiving recipes out there?

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