Why Christmas Cookie Exchange Is Actually a Great Idea


When the holidays roll around, they can be a time of great joy for many people. For others, it can be a mixed bag that has parts of joy from the season while being mixed with the stress of organizing family get-togethers and other events. And for others, it can be a miserable experience thanks to some unfortunate circumstances or the loss of a loved one.

Cookie potluck, anyone?

Why not help spread some joy by hosting a Christmas cookie exchange? It takes the pressure off everyone to buy gifts for all the coworkers, all the neighbors or all the friends. You will invite everyone over as you would for a party and everyone that comes will bring enough cookies for everyone.

So it is a party for cookies where everyone gets a chance to taste all the cookies and take more cookies home with them. A cookie potluck!

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If you are lucky enough to get invited to one, say at the office or by a friend, then you do not need to host, but even if you are the hostess, cookie exchanges are very low maintenance and easy.

Everyone is coming for the cookies. Just put out to-go containers, plates, and cups with access to beverages like milk or eggnog (or wine and beer!), turn on some Christmas music, and you are in business.

Why should you do it though? Here are reasons you should not bah humbug a Christmas cookie exchange.

1. It takes the pressure off

Even if you are hosting the exchange, there is very little to do. Everyone else is bringing cookies too. So you will make cookies, do some minimal set up and that is it. If you want to have a holiday party but have anxiety about all the organizing, Christmas cookie exchange is the easiest way to do it, and get different cookies to try too!

2. You eliminate the need for costly gifts

Baking cookies is not expensive. The holidays become so stressful for many people because of the expectations of gifts. In this way, someone can give a beautiful and delicious gift without spending a fortune and it will be more appreciated because it was made with love.

3. It brings everyone together

Maybe you do not know Mary from accounting very well, but once you sit together with cookies you have each made, you might form a bond and find a new lunch buddy to boot. When we are eating and enjoying things together, we let people into our worlds and many people could do with that extra kindness this time of year.

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4. You get to eat all the cookies

And finally, the best reason to participate in a Christmas cookie exchange is because of the cookies. Everyone will make their best treats and you will be able to taste them all and keep some for yourself too. Talk about spreading some holiday cheer!

Will you be participating in a Christmas cookie exchange? What cookies will you bake?

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