7 Wonderfully Delicious Christmas Treats


When I don’t know what to present someone for Christmas I make candies, cookies or a combination of both. But I need to give it to someone and see them gloom at the mass of treats before them. Now I would like to share with you a few wonderfully delicious Christmas treats that I usually make during the holidays. Many of them I only make during the holidays, and the family truly awaits this time of year for a chance to enjoy their favorite sweets baked especially for them to eat.

1. Baklava

When I tried Baklava for the first time I thought it was the nicest dessert ever and that it would be extremely difficult to make. But it’s really simple! You just need to layer the thin sheets of phyllo dough and fill it without tearing the doughy sheets. You can use a lot of different types of nuts as the filling, but I like to use pecans. It doesn’t matter which type you choose, you’ll need a pound of them for a principal baklava recipe.

2. Buckeye balls

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Truly, these peanut butter laden balls are fantastic! This is the treat for you, if you like peanut butter with a bit of chocolate. It’s a wonderful addition to any dish full of Christmas goodies. To make them you’ll need chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, powdered sugar, butter and a small amount of shortening. All candies look like a nut from a variety of buckeye trees. Remember about the refrigeration portion when cooking these treats. Missing this step doesn’t let the Buckeyes place properly.

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3. Chocolate covered pretzels

It’s impossible to find a Christmas treat that is easier to make than this. Take some fat pretzel sticks and set them in melted chocolate. It will be even more creative if you roll up the chocolate-laden stick in some cookie spritz for a bit of flair. Put the pretzel on a piece of wax paper and when the chocolate hardens a little fold the treats up for family and friends to enjoy.

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4. Russian tea cookies

Once I have seen these cookies formed into falcate shapes called as Mexican Wedding Cookies. I think there isn’t much of a distinction in ingredients. But maybe the sugar to nuts ratio is a bit different. The Mexican Wedding Cookies contain less sugar and more nuts. These marvelous cookies are made from a cup of powdered sugar, almost a full cup of nuts, and a cup of butter, so they are amazingly nutty and sweet. These are usually the first goodies to disappear of the cookie tray at my grandmothers every time when the family comes for the annual Christmas celebration.

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5. Povitica

Povitica or walnut bread is a little difficult treat to make, but worth the amount of time it needs. I remember a bakery near my grandmother that sold Povitica each Christmas and it was delicious. But when they disappeared and I’ve decided to make it from scratch. A hot piece of this bread with a little bit of butter goes very nice with a fresh cup of coffee any time of day.

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6. Peanut brittle

This treat needs raw peanuts, not roasted, and a candy thermometer. Generally, it’s very easy to find raw peanuts during Christmas time, because peanut brittle is an ordinary treat to cook for the holiday. For my dad this treat is difficult to make but, to tell the truth, the candy takes patience and is easy to make. It’s important to be attentive on the sugar mixture so it doesn’t burn and then you should wait when the brittle gets hard enough to break into pieces.

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7. Spritz cookies

Spritz is a traditional Christmas cookie, and is always found on the table when my family gets together during this holiday. These small sweets need the use of a special cookie press, but you can always prepare a batch of dough, fold it into balls, and squeeze it on a baking sheet to get a wonderful cookie. Even if they don’t turn out as nice as the pressed variety, they are still tasty! To my mind these cookies are addicting because of the amount of butter they have (1 and 1/2 cups.)

I consider these delicious Christmas treats the best making for the holidays. Sometimes I try a new recipe for the seasonal dish of treats I hand to friends and family members, but I have made these 7 for years. I don’t think I’ll ever stop making any of these treats. Would you like to share some special treats that you make every Christmas?

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