10 Awesome Gingerbread House Ideas


The halls are decked, the classic Christmas songs are playing in the background, and you are ready to make your traditional gingerbread house. But why not have some fun with it? Instead of buying a kit and making the same, small, generic houses you usually do, kick it up a notch with these ten gingerbread house ideas to get the holiday cheer started this year.

1. Cookie Kingdom

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Give your gingerbread some oomph and build a cookie castle. Use some cake layers as your base and paste your favorite cookies all around it, creating a massive cookie kingdom.

2. Healthy Gingerbread Home

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If you want something a little healthier than gluing candy onto cookies with frosting, use some sweet nuts like pecans, peanuts, and walnuts to give your gingerbread house the cute look without the carbs.

3. Starbucks Gingerbread House

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Instead of making a plain gingerbread house, dedicate your cookie to your favorite establishment. Whether that’s Big Ben, the Taj Mahal, or just Starbucks. Starbucks gingerbread house is the perfect ideas for coffee junkies.

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4. Scriptural Sweets

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Christmas celebrates Christ’s birthday, so why not celebrate the true meaning of Christmas through your gingerbread cookie creation and make a church? It is huge and delicious!

5. Vivacious Victorian

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Go old school beautiful and create a stunning Victorian home – complete with a balcony and outdoor area, of course. This one is too beautiful to munch on, don’t you think?

6. Magnificent Merry Mansion

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If you want to stick to the traditional home, enhance your enchanting gingerbread house by making it a mansion. Build it as big and tall as you can get it without toppling over – and maybe add in a pool made of blue frosting in the back.

7. Sweet Schoolhouse

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Are you trying to get your child to love school more? Well, here is your answer: associate it with colorful candy and gingerbread building fun.

8. Red Licorice Roof

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Do you leave parts of your house plain because you do not know what to do with them? Well, here is at least a solution for the roof: red licorice. Just cut it up, and bam, it looks just like tiles. You’re welcome.

9. Two Story Tundra

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Impress your family by making your gingerbread house two stories! It’ll feed more of them when the time comes to gobble it down, and look adorable until then.

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10. Lovely Lighthouse

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Now this is a gingerbread masterpiece. This gingerbread lighthouse may take you hours – and you will probably never want to eat it – but it will definitely be worth the satisfaction you get from your creation.

Those are all the gingerbread house ideas I have for now, but that should be enough to get your creative Christmas juices flowing in order to create something new and fantastic this year.