10 Ridiculously Creative Macaron Ideas


Cupcakes are not the only canvas for your imagination to flourish. With so many combinations of textures, flavors and shapes, macarons may become your favorite dessert this holiday season. These ideally dainty French confections provide endless possibilities even for those who are going to make macarons for the very first time.

If you are stuck in your macaron routine and you seek some macaron inspiration, have a look at these ten macaron ideas, Yep, it is all about macarons today. Enjoy!

1. Halloween macarons

2. Macarons with a salmon twist

3. Pikachu macarons

4. Unicorn macarons

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5. Mutant macarons

6. Cute puppies

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7. Or funny cats

8. Poop Emoji

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9. Flamingos macarons

10. Kylie Kip Kit-inspired macarons

Have fun experimenting with your macarons. Although some of these ideas are a bit complicated, perfection takes practice. Don’t let little macaron mishaps prevent you from creating your own French confections.

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