35 Infographics You Need to Know About Tea


Such a popular drink as tea was discovered almost 5,000 years ago in China. Today, it is a leader in the beverage section of many restaurants worldwide and delights us with its taste and health benefits.

Learn more about this incredible drink brewed thousands of years ago with the informative and straightforward 35 infographics below.

1. A Bit About Tea

Tea is a beverage you can’t imagine a day without in today’s world. Usually, it is drunk for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and within meals. But what do we know about this fantastic human invention? The useful infographic below will help us figure it out.

2. Tea Making Stories From Around The World

Tea is as valuable and straightforward an international beverage as possible. A Japanese, an Englishman, and an Egyptian will use tea leaves to make this excellent drink, but the taste and appearance will differ dramatically. This is because the way tea is made varies from country to country.

3. The Anatomy Of A Perfect Cup Of Tea

Everyone loves to have lively and interesting conversations with friends or colleagues over a cup of fragrant tea. This drink is unique in its composition, containing many valuable elements that regenerate cells and help fight many diseases. What you need to consider when preparing the perfect cup of tea for the table is discussed below.

4. Why Drink Tea Every Day?

Tea is the second most popular drink after water. It is obtained by brewing, boiling, and infusing tea leaves. It is believed that green tea or herbal teas are particularly beneficial. The infographic below will tell you what else this magic drink hides in its composition and why you should drink it regularly.

5. Health Benefits Of Teas And Tisanes

The word tea does not just mean a liquid by infusion of different parts of plants, but primarily the one in which tea tree leaves are used.  Tisane is any beverage made by infusing various parts of plants without caffeine. It is not just a pleasant drink but a kind of natural medicine.

6. Health Benefits Of Herbal Tea

Since ancient times, herbal infusions have been highly valued for their beneficial effects and calming effect on the nervous system. The right combination of ingredients in herbal teas also has a beneficial impact on the human body. It is recommended to drink herbal teas not very hot, adding honey, milk, or a slice of lemon to taste if desired.

7. 9 Teas To Try For Better Health

Herbal tea sets for brewing have firmly established themselves on pharmacy shelves. However, knowing the properties of medicinal plants, you can independently and free create tea masterpieces with a healing effect. In tea, all the properties of herbs are more fully disclosed, and the drink itself has a revitalizing effect.

8. It’s Tea Time

Tea is a familiar everyday drink, which conceals many benefits when consumed correctly. However, making tea is a unique process that requires some preparation and following some rules. The infographic below reveals the secret of how to make a delicious and healthy drink.

9. Amazing Facts About Tea

Tea is the most popular drink globally, and only water can compete with it. However, many myths and legends have been circulating about this drink for many years. Some of them, as well as scientifically proven information, can be found below.

10. From Tea Leaf To Tea Cup

For many people, the world of tea is something extraordinary. However, not everyone thinks about how long it goes before it is brewed. And also, how much work goes into making sure that your morning starts with a cup of your favorite fragrant beverage.

11. The History And Customs Of High Tea

Tea drinking traditions in different countries have different durations and rituals. Although initially, tea was a rare and expensive commodity, it was produced in China. For the first two centuries, it remained the privilege of the court and the wealthy nobles. You can delve deeper into the subject of tea drinking by examining the infographic below.

12. The Best Way To Make Tea

Making tea is a whole ritual in which there is no detail. The drink’s taste is influenced by many things, from the temperature of the water to the quality of the tea utensils purchased. The simple rules of brewing will help improve the characteristics and quality of your favorite drink.

13. Benefits Of Tea

Tea is known for its rich flavor and is a favorite drink worldwide because of its pleasant aroma and health benefits. Millions of people start their mornings with a cup of hot, tonic beverage.  However, some people should be cautious about drinking tea so as not to harm themselves.

14. Brewing Tips For 6 Types Of Tea

Traditions and rituals about how to brew tea vary from country to country, but there are general and rigorous rules. Despite being familiar with this drink since childhood, this question often comes to mind even for the most unsophisticated connoisseurs.  It is essential to know how to prepare tea correctly so that all the flavors are preserved to the full.

15. Everything You Want To Know About Black Tea

The concept of healthy eating has made green tea the absolute leader among healthy drinks. However, we should not forget about the magical properties and taste of black tea. So let’s review and solidify basic things about the benefits of black tea forever.

16. 10 Teas From Around The World

Every country has its own culture, traditions, and, of course, its national cuisine. What’s more, tea has completely different meanings and understandings for each nation. Learn more about the vast world and culture of people from other parts of the world below.

17. 15 Herbal Teas For Every Ailment

Because of its beneficial properties and positive impact on health, herbal teas have long ago replaced the traditional varieties of beverage for many. For example, teas from aromatic mint relieve headaches and have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. At the same time, so that phytotherapy does not cause even more harm to the body, it is necessary to be well versed in the essential medicinal herbs and herbal gatherings.

18. A Cup Of Tea?

We can definitely say that tea is the favorite drink of millions. At least once in a lifetime, every person on the planet drank it. The most exciting and not always familiar moments associated with tea can be found below.

19. Types Of Tea

Each of us has probably come across different kinds of tea in a store or a cafe. However, most people drink one or two familiar types of tea. This is a big mistake because each of the types has its unique flavor and medicinal properties.

20. Tea Time

The Chinese are willing to spend hours on tea ceremonies. A common goal of proper brewing is to allow the bouquet of flavors to unfold to its fullest. In this way, the drink retains hundreds of beneficial chemical compounds for the human body.

21. All About The Tea

Tea is hardly inferior to coffee drinks in terms of popularity. It is used as the basis for cocktails and is drunk chilled, or hot. But not many people know how tea is made or the difference between green and white or black tea. So begin your introduction to the rich world of tea with the infographic below.

22. Light Perfect Tea Process

Tea is an integral part of most people’s lives. For maximum flavor and benefits, it’s essential to follow the correct technique. When brewing tea, people have come to appreciate the flavor and aroma of tea more, which is well revealed when brewing whole leaves.

23. What Have You Been Drinking?

The beneficial properties of tea were first discovered by Emperor Shen Nung several thousand years ago. Furthermore, it was used to alleviate headaches, relieve bouts of melancholy, and dissolve fats. Tea is divided into many kinds according to different characteristics. It is easy enough to understand all the variety if you know the main types of classification.

24. All About British Tea

The history of tea in England began in the middle of the 17th century. However, tea drinking did not become a national tradition in the country until the mid-19th century. A strong brewed beverage helped restore strength and strengthen the immune system. For more information on British tea, see below.

25. The Benefits Of Green Tea

The benefits of green tea have been proven since ancient times. This type of tea is a record-breaker in vitamin P, C, and B complex vitamins. Modern scientists confirm the valuable properties of tea, but they also say it is harmful.

26. Green Tea Production Journey From Harvest To Cup

The leading producers of green tea are China, Taiwan, and Japan. It is made from the leaves of the same tea tree as black tea, but the leaves are not fermented. To find out which way this tea leaf went before giving you a soothing tea drink can be found in the material below.

27. Difference Between Instant Green Tea And Powdered Green Tea

A cup of tea is a favorite beverage of many people and gives peace and tranquility. This drink helps you wake up in the morning and is an excuse for a long-awaited meeting. There are many types of tea and their flavors. You can discover the differences between instant and powdered green tea below.

28. Butter Tea Blend

Butter tea, popular among Tibetans and some other peoples of southwestern China, is made from knocked down tea, salt, and yak oil. There are many advantages associated with drinking such a tea beside the unique taste. Butter tea is a high-calorie beverage and very useful in high-altitude conditions.

29. A Guide To Simple Iced Tea

Tasty and refreshing iced tea has come into fashion relatively recently. There are many kinds of ready-made drinks, which can be easily purchased at almost any grocery store. However, a particular pleasure can be obtained only by preparing it at home according to original recipes.

30. Americans Love Iced Tea

The differences between Englishmen and Americans are visible in national habits. If you ask for tea in a cafe in the United States, they will bring you iced tea with sugar. Here the tea-drinking culture that many people are accustomed to is entirely absent.

31. 10 Ways Purple Tea Is Good For You

Purple tea is traditionally made from the Thai orchid. It is an effective remedy for weight loss and rejuvenation of the body. It contains vitamins of different groups, trace elements, oleic, linoleic, and stearic acids. In addition, the drink protects against diseases of the cardiovascular system, reduces blood pressure.

32. All About Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is a unique source of energy and a favorite drink of medieval Buddhist monks. At least a hundred times more antioxidants than in high-quality green tea, matcha has health benefits for women and is beneficial for the skin. So if you’re looking for a healthy drink for every day, check out matcha tea.

33. How To Prepare Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is a popular Japanese green powder tea used in Japanese cooking. A legendary tea ceremony is associated with it. Below, you will find simple instructions on how to make matcha at home.

34. How To Brew Homemade Turmeric Tea

Everyone probably knows such a sunny spice as turmeric, but few know how useful it is.  When combined with tea, it is a natural source of vitamins and nutrients. In addition, tea with turmeric is considered antiviral, helps fight excess weight, and gives a rejuvenating effect to the body.

35. What Is Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea consists of just a few ingredients, but the result is a fun iced drink that has become a global favorite in a short time. You can make it right in your kitchen without much hassle. Tiny, dark tapioca pearls dot the bottom of this drink and add an unusual twist to traditional recipes. Use honey and brown sugar for more intense flavors.

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