7 Food Combos to Make a Protein-Packed Smoothie Without a Powder


Smoothies, especially green ones, get a bad rap as boring morning drinks with little to no flavor at all. But when you see any smoothie you know that it is high in nutritional benefit. The only thing that makes many people consume smoothies on a regular basis is a protein powder. It seems healthy and helpful, but is it clean and natural?

Experimenting with food combos to create an ultimate protein-packed smoothie is challenging when you are not a nutritionist, which is why I am here to help you stop spending money on all those seemingly helpful and healthy protein powders and opt for all-natural food combos to make a protein-rich smoothie. Besides protein, the following smoothies are fortified with many other vitamins and minerals.

1. Spinach and quinoa

When I first read about adding quinoa to green smoothies, I though that author was crazy. However, as soon as I tried this idea, I loved it.

I also figured out that spinach and quinoa are two powerful protein-rich smoothie ingredients that create a nutrient-dense morning drink that will keep you full until lunchtime.

Add some berries to your smoothie for a quick antioxidant boost.