5 Great Gluten Free Breakfast Recipes


It’s harmful for people with celiac disease to eat foods that contain gluten. And consuming only gluten free food compels you to have repetitive and tasteless food every single day. It is important to make a change in recipe of your gluten free breakfast so that you don’t lose your interest in one of the most important meals of the day.

Gluten-free breakfast need to be nutritious, quick and easy to prepare, and good to eat as well. Check out a few great gluten free breakfast recipes! Hope, you will like them!

1. Blueberry pancakes

I love blueberries and I can’t imagine my morning without blueberry pancakes! They are so delicious and gluten free as well! I cook pancakes almost every morning. Just make sure you use fresh blueberries in the batter and gluten free flour instead of all-purpose flour. These blueberry pancakes are highly nutritious, delicious and yet gluten free! I just can’t wait to make them for breakfast tomorrow morning!

2. Gluten free vanilla flax French toast

French toast with a dash of flax is a healthy breakfast that provides fiber and essential fatty acid to your body. You will need gluten free multigrain bakery bread, egg, flax, and some vanilla. Mix all the ingredients together except bread, cover a French loaf with whisked batter and cook on both sides until golden brown, and serve hot with a smoothie or some fruits.

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3. Gluten free apple oatmeal muffin

It is a great gluten free breakfast recipe that takes only half an hour to prepare. This is also a perfect alternative for those who try to cut on those calories from the gluten free diet. It is healthy, lower in carbs since it is substituted with apple and oats and is combined with a gluten free yogurt instead of butter.

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4. Granola breakfast bar

It’s a healthy fiber and protein based gluten free breakfast. The main ingredients are gluten free flour, oats, brown sugar applesauce, honey and some toasted nuts. These bars are filling and nutritious, thus a perfect choice for breakfast. Plus, you don’t need make them fresh; you can easily have your granola bars for a week or even more when refrigerated.

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5. Gluten free waffles

Finally, this is the last my favorite gluten free breakfast recipe! These Belgian waffles are so crisp, light and tasty! Batter is quickly and easily prepared from gluten free flour, eggs, milk, vanilla extracts, dry yeast, salt, sugar, pinch of baking soda and some butter. Once the batter is prepared leave it to yeast overnight and cook it in the morning. It will take just about 15 minutes!

What do you think about these recipes? Personally, I like all of them! They are so simple and so delicious! What are your favorite gluten free breakfast recipes? Share your thoughts, please!