12 Crazy Good Healing Benefits of Celery Juice


I have written about the benefits of celery before. It is an incredibly overlooked superfood, however, not everyone really likes it. Although most people know that celery is one of the healthiest vegetables, few people know about the super benefits that celery juice has. It has such powerful healing benefits for your body, though.

If you are not keen on crunching away on stick after stick of celery, try drinking it in the form of juice. By juicing it, you can easily mask the taste and gain all the wonderful healing properties it will give you. And by juicing it, you can get more of it at once. Here is what celery juice can do for you.

1. Reduces inflammation

If you have an inflammatory disease like arthritis, you will definitely be surprised with one of the most healing benefits of celery juice, it can help reduce inflammation in your body. That is because it has luteolin, which has demonstrated powerful capabilities to inhibit enzymes in your body that cause your genes to ignite with an inflammatory response.

It also has polyacetylenes, which are wondrous for arthritis sufferers. If you have any inflammatory disease, try adding celery juice to your diet every day and see how you feel after a week or two. Most people report a vast improvement.

2. Helps your cardiovascular health

Phthalide is also found in celery juice and has been shown to relax the muscles inside your blood vessels. That means if you have high blood pressure, you can benefit from the healing powers of celery juice. Drinking it will allow your blood to pass through more efficiently and keep your heart healthy.

Additionally, coumarins are plentiful in fresh celery juice and they hinder the effects of cortisol on your body. Cortisol constricts your blood vessels. So the more celery juice you drink, your heart and cardiovascular system will love you back.

3. It helps prevent cancer

One of the most significant benefits of celery juice is that it helps prevent cancer due to containing flavonols, furanocoumarins, and phenolic acids. These anti-cancer compounds have been shown in studies to stop the spread of cancer. It is good for blocking carcinogens from your body.

In other words, if you worry about developing cancer, start drinking celery juice. You could prevent cancer down the road if you take care of yourself now.

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4. It is a cleansing and detoxifying agent

Because celery is alkalizing as well as hydrating, it is a wonderful way to cleanse your body. Due to the fact about this one of the healing benefits of celery juice, the chlorophyll in the juice enriches the blood with oxygen, and toxic substances, including heavy metals and chemicals, are removed from the body. In addition, a serving of celery juice before meals has been proven to help cleanse the liver and taste buds.

So you can take the health benefits of celery juice. For example, if you drank too much this weekend or perhaps ate too many sweets, refresh your body with celery juice. And if you are prone to kidney stones, drink up! Celery juice is a powerful diuretic that can flush toxins out completely.

5. Look younger and younger

Maybe you will not want to toss your expensive facial creams, but drinking celery juice helps you look even younger. It is filled with antioxidants, plus it is high in vitamin K, something that many people do not get enough of. Vitamin K is amazing for keeping skin firm and replenishing elasticity.
Celery juice also contains plenty of vitamins A, B, and C, which all work together to give you healthy-looking and ravishing skin. In addition, celery juice helps fight acne, skin inflammation, and swelling. Consider this one of the healing benefits of celery juice if you want to improve your skin state.

6. Stimulates Hair Growth

The blend of vitamins A, E, C, B6, and B9 of potassium, zinc, calcium, and iron, as well as its antioxidant and antibacterial properties, makes celery juice ideal for keeping hair looking youthful and radiant. In addition, using celery for hair is a nourishing remedy that will give them more volume and splendor, rid the hair of dandruff, and give it a little shine.

7. It Helps Your Body Recover

Helping your body recover is another one of the best health benefits of celery juice. Did you drink enough water today? Is it especially hot outside? Or perhaps you have done an intensive workout?

Whatever the reason, if your body is dehydrated, you can take benefit of celery juice, as it can replenish your body. It is high in natural sodium levels, something your body needs, plus it has potassium electrolytes that keep your cells functioning properly.

8. It Is a Natural Sleep Aid

Because it is so good at lowering high blood pressure and stress levels. Moreover, it is replenishing for electrolytes, celery juice is often suggested by experts as a way to relax and fall asleep naturally with ease. It has magnesium, a mineral known for its calming effects.

Not only that, most people do not get enough magnesium which can cause big problems, including insomnia so celery juice some before bed and wake up feeling better in the morning.

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9. Supports the Nervous System

Keep your nervous system under control by drinking celery juice regularly. The minerals and vitamins in celery help support your nervous system, making it one of the best natural remedies for anyone struggling with insomnia and similar issues.

10. Supports Hydration

Another healthy benefit of celery juice is supporting hydration. Celery undoubtedly contains a significant amount of water in addition to electrolytes. Therefore, eating this vegetable regularly will help prevent dehydration.

Staying hydrated is vital to your body, but many people don’t get enough fluid daily. Proper hydration helps manage blood pressure, body temperature, brain function, nutrient delivery, waste elimination, and kidney health. Therefore, this is one more reason of drinking celery juice.

11. It Is Healing for the Gut

Within the fibers of celery, there are special nutrients that only come alive when it is juiced. They help the digestive tract function optimally by serving as a natural form of laxative. Therefore, one of the most significant benefits of celery juice relaxes your nerves that have been harmed by your unhealthy choices.

It soothes and cools, using those anti-inflammatory properties to help you feel better. Plus, if you start your day with celery juice, the enzymes you consume from the celery juice help increase the hydrochloric acid in your stomach so your food digests more easily. Try drinking it every morning and you will see a huge transformation in the way your digestive system responds after a week.

12. Good for Stronger Bones

Celery juice contains high levels of calcium as well as silicon. Together, they strengthen bones and can even help regenerate damaged bones. I mentioned vitamin K before which you should also note is excellent for protecting against osteoporosis.

In order for the calcium in celery juice to be most beneficial, consuming it raw and organically is best, so juicing it gives you the necessary atoms to help build your bones. Keeping your skeletal system strong is so important because it is the system that supports all your other systems.

Did you learn something new about celery? Maybe it is time to give it another try. That is why juicing makes obtaining the nutrients from celery juice so much more accessible. You get all the benefits of the raw celery, and then some because by juicing it, you get access to the nutrients it contains in the fibers that can’t be brought out any other way.

Cooking celery adds good flavor to soups and stews, and it will add nutrients too, however it is in a juiced form that celery stands to be most beneficial to your body. Try juicing it in the morning to cleanse and keep your body running optimally all day. Then have some at night before bed to help you rest. You will begin to notice positive changes in the way that you feel after a week.
Take the celery juicing challenge and heal your body naturally today. Have you tried celery juice? What did you think?

Below, we have compiled a list of the most interesting questions about crazy good healing benefits of celery juice:

What happens when you start drinking celery juice?

Celery juice helps detoxify the intestines, is high in antioxidants, improves energy levels and mental acuity, and improves skin condition. In addition, celery has a special power concerning viruses and bacteria in the body.

How long do you have to drink celery juice to see results?

To see significant changes in your body, you should drink celery juice for at least one week.

Is celery juice better than eating celery?

The composition of 100% celery juice contains all the same elements that are in the vegetable itself. However, the body absorbs valuable substances in the form of juice much better.

What are the side effects of celery juice?

Despite all the benefits, celery juice can also harm the body. It is not recommended to consume it for diarrhea and exacerbated gastrointestinal tract diseases, as deterioration may occur due to laxative and diuretic properties.

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