10 Powerful Vitamins for a Younger and Healthier You (Infographic)


Anti-aging products are more popular and expensive than ever these days. The funniest thing is that women spend millions on anti-aging products every year and never think about the price, but claim eating healthy food is expensive. Your eating plan can either add years or erase them off your face.

Unfortunately, we can’t stay young forever and every birthday brings some wrinkles, so before celebrating my next birthday next week, I’ve decided to reconsider my meal plan and add more anti-aging vitamins to it. Even though I do not have wrinkles and any signs of aging, I believe it is better to start earlier than regret later. While doing my research, I found a great infographic created by Thank Your Skin that is loaded with useful tips every woman (and man too) should know and use to look young and fresh regardless of age.

1. Infographic of anti-aging vitamins

2. List of anti-aging vitamins:

Now that you know what to put in your body to make you look and feel many years younger, what diet changes are you going to make? Do you still believe your miraculous anti-aging cream is better than healthy food? Keep this infographic in mind the next time you go grocery shopping or cook your dinner.

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