6 All-Natural Ways to Spring Clean Your Body


With spring officially here, it is time to get rid of that winter overindulgence. Just like your house needs a spring clean, your body craves the same. Let’s not forget that summer is coming and you will not get ready for the bikini season in two days. Without a long introduction, here are the all-natural ways to spring clean your body starting today.

1. Check out your spring meal plan

Leave spicy and fatty foods for cold winter days and welcome organic food instead. In spring, your immune system is still weak, so including vitamin C rich foods in your daily diet is a must. Consider eating organic cucumbers, carrots, cherries, oranges, tomatoes, pineapple and turnips. It is best to eat them raw to get the most micronutrients.

Beets, garlic, string beans, apples, zucchini, celery, sea vegetables, and green onions are the foods that help cleanse your liver, and prevent and remove toxins from your body. Make sure you buy organic. Otherwise, you will do more harm than good.

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2. Switch to herbal teas

Herbals teas are not the most delicious drinks to have for breakfast, but they are much healthier than coffee and black, and even green teas. Start your day with a cup of herbal tea like mint, ginger or chamomile to spring clean your overall body, drop weight and boost your energy level.

Lemon water is another option. Can’t wake up without coffee? Look for the organic version to increase your antioxidant intake and avoid toxins. When you drink herbal teas, use raw honey instead of sugar. When it comes to coffee, brown sugar is a smart substitute.

3. Make your own juices

Those of you who start the morning with a glass of juice should invest in a good juicer. Store-bought juices are packed with sugar, preservatives, syrups and the ingredients that we can’t even pronounce.

Homemade green juices have powerful cleansing properties. Some of the best ingredients to add to the juice are green apples, dandelion, parsley, avocado, kale, mustard greens, chard, spinach, arugula and green grapes.

4. Increase your water intake

…at least for two weeks. Drinking water helps to hydrate and cleanse the system. This is particularly important at the beginning of the spring. It does not necessarily to drink plain water. Add some berries to it to improve its taste.

5. Experiment with spring salads

Salad must become the star of your spring menu. It is healthy and tasty, not to mention that it boasts amazing cleansing properties. Avoid using mayo and store-bought salad dressings that typically contain cheap filler oils like canola and soy. Make your own dressings or do not use any at all. Sprinkle lemon juice over your salad and add flax seeds for an extra boost of nutrients.

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6. Learn to eat mindfully

Do you know one of the major reasons why you often overeat? Because you do not eat mindfully. First of all, make sure you do not eat in front of the screens. Chew your food thoroughly, appreciating every bite. This will help to absorb more nutrients from the food, and will give your stomach enough time to give your brain a signal that it is full. The art of mindful eating is actually easy to master.

Spring is the perfect time to hit the pause button on winter eating habits and adopt new ones that will help you feel function at your best. Happy spring cleaning!

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