32 Chocolate Lovers Infographics


Chocolate is a reasonably common foodstuff and an unmistakable catalyst for joy. Hardly anyone can resist it, but it may not be necessary. Check out these 32 infographics and learn the health benefits of eating chocolate.

1. The Story of Chocolate

The history of chocolate goes back more than three thousand years. The cacao beans were known as far back as the American Indian civilization, which lived a thousand years before our era. Today, the mouthwatering and alluring chocolate has many fans. So what was the history of chocolate, and what is mesmerizing? You can learn below.

2. The Health Benefits of Chocolate

Even scientists can’t say for sure whether chocolate is healthy or not. This was because the Mayans initially consumed it, brewing cacao beans and adding the bitter pepper. Today, however, millions of people worldwide adore this product, so many are curious about the health benefits and harms it can cause.

3. Dark, Milk or White: is Chocolate Good for Health?

Chocolate is a confectionery product that contains a certain amount of cocoa. In addition, the dessert contains magnesium, which has a positive effect on brain function. Chocolate can be of different kinds, and with the help of the infographic below, we propose to work with the benefits of different types of chocolate for the human body.

4. Which Chocolate is Better for You?

Chocolate is the most popular dessert in the world. There are several primary varieties of chocolate, and sometimes it is not easy to choose which one will be your favorite. We suggest you get acquainted with the main differences of different types of this product and choose the right one.

5. Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

Surely, you have heard more than once about the benefits of dark chocolate. It is a natural antidepressant and antioxidant; it is low in sugar and has almost no contraindications. With the help of the infographic below, let’s try to understand the beneficial and harmful qualities of the product.

6. 7 Awesome Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Bitter chocolate, the benefits and harms of which are the subject of lively debates, is still the option for many lovers of this delicacy. Nevertheless, this product has continued to be the most revered for centuries and ranks as one of the top choices among other varieties of chocolate.

7. What Science Says about Chocolate

Before we try to find out what scientists think of dark chocolate, it is worth understanding this product. Chocolate is made from cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and powdered sugar. It is in bitter chocolate is the greatest concentration of nutrients and much less sugar. So what else is essential to remember when eating dark chocolate? Let’s understand below.

8. Chocolate Facts and Figures

Chocolate is widespread in many different countries and is one of the most popular sweets in the world. Many people consume it regularly, claiming that chocolate lifts the mood. But how much do you know about this dessert? More informative facts are conveniently gathered below.

9. Chocolicious – Facts and Myths about Chocolate

Unquestionably, chocolate is one of the most beloved sweets in the world. Accidentally, this delicious dessert was once very expensive and was only served to the table of nobles. Fortunately, in our world, eating chocolate is easy for most people. We suggest reading the infographic below, which is filled with interesting facts and myths about chocolate.

10. Infobox of Chocolates

Chocolate is undoubtedly one of the best inventions on earth. However, even though this dessert has long been an integral part of our lives, there are probably many interesting facts that you never knew about.

11. The Numbers of Chocolate

Chocolate is a royal treat, arriving from Central America and spreading around the world. The chocolate that we eat today came about due to a series of experiments in Europe and North America for almost 200 years. For an even deeper dive into the world of chocolate, check out the infographic below.

12. A Raw Chocolate History

The question of who first discovered the health benefits of cocoa beans and began using them in food is still open. For centuries, chocolate has been consumed as a beverage. However, the modern development of the industrial production of chocolate was made possible by some historical events.

13. The Ultimate Guide to Chocolate

The unforgettable taste of chocolate is appreciated in every corner of the world. It is one of the most beloved products around the world. In different countries, you can see various chocolate parks and activities, museums. There are a lot of chocolate lovers, and because of this, the variety of chocolate is enormous.

14. Types of Chocolate

Experts do not get tired of arguing about how many different kinds of chocolate there are. This is because the classification affects production, color, shape, variety, and even geographic factors. Tell about all types of chocolate in one infographic is strictly impossible, so let’s name only the most popular.

15. American Eating Chocolate Habits

We should always rejoice in the small joys of our lives, and another reason to add charm to our lives can be a piece of chocolate. Americans also adore this product and even celebrate National Chocolate Day. On this day, people enjoy their favorite sweets by going out or making them at home with a recipe.

16. Understand High-Quality Chocolate

Chocolate has the uncanny ability to stimulate the production of endorphins, the happiness hormone. It is also bought because of its natural composition, fantastic taste, and aroma. How to determine the raw chocolate and not to buy a fake will tell the infographic below.

17. Most Expensive Chocolates You Can Buy

Every sweet tooth would like to try the most expensive chocolate at least once in his life. It’s probably the only product that kids eat without a nudge from their parents. However, now we offer you to find out what kinds of the most expensive chocolate are in different countries of the world.

18. How to Taste Dark Chocolate

Chocolate can be compared to coffee or wine, as it also has complex flavor combinations. So it’s time to get to grips with chocolate and learn its rules, how to know if what we have in front of us is a real chocolate bar. The infographic below will help keep you away from counterfeit and substandard products.

19. 43 Chocolate Stops Around the World

Chocolate is produced in many countries around the world, and each country has its traditions and characteristics of consumption of the flavorful treat. Below you will find a delicious overview of the non-trivial chocolate dishes that you can try in restaurants worldwide.

20. Chocolate Treats from Around the World

What could be more delicious than natural, high-quality chocolate? Some countries even dedicate holidays and festivals to it. And if you are not only a fan of sweets and sweets and a traveler, we suggest you read interesting variations of chocolate desserts in different parts of the world.

21. The Snackers Guide to Chocolate

Many people are partial to chocolate, but what do lovers of this dessert know about its variety? Almost anything can be used as a flavoring. We suggest you read a simple guide to a quick chocolate snack.

22. The Perfect Workday Snack: Dark Chocolate

We all love chocolate because it is a good mood enhancer.  It is because of the large amount of sugar that almost everyone likes dark chocolate. Let’s understand what exactly is good for our body and its main features.

23. Best Chocolate Pairings

Chocolate is practically a universal product that can be combined with many fruits and berries.  But there are also those combinations that can fall in love with it. Many spices can make ordinary chocolate an unusual treat.  If you want exotic, you can complement the chocolate with almost any product from the fridge, which we will analyze below.

24. Wine & Chocolate Pairings

The combination of wine and cheese is considered classical, but recently wine has been combined with more and more products. So we have an opportunity to understand how to combine correctly such favorites for many people wine and chocolate. Unfortunately, despite the striking similarities, wine and chocolate are hard to connect. Fortunately, there are a few wines that pair well with this dessert.

25. Coffee & Chocolate Pairings

Some foods have long been known as cures for stress. It’s no exaggeration to say that chocolate and coffee are among them. Millions of people on the planet appreciate this fantastic duo. The reason for such massive popularity of the chocolate and coffee pair can be found below.

26. 3-Ingredient Chocolate Deserts

They say anyone who doesn’t like chocolate just hasn’t found their taste in this treat. So, for all the sweet lovers out there, we’ve put together some gorgeous chocolate desserts that can consist of three ingredients, if you like, in the infographic below.

27. How to Make the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Delicious shortbread cookies with chocolate chips are a great way to make loved ones happy. Soft inside, with a crispy crust, very chocolatey, and delicious cookies can easily be made at home. The short guide below will help.

28. The Making of Chocolate Bars

Chocolate bars are mass-produced in factories around the world. This variety is due to the high demand for this dessert. Detailed understanding of the process will help infographics below.

29. Chocolate Frosting Cheat Sheet

A simple chocolate glaze can be made in a few minutes in the kitchen. The frosting is made from finely ground ingredients like sugar, cocoa butter, and other food components. It is a natural product that many chocolate product manufacturers use.

30. Hot Chocolate

The debate about hot chocolate’s origin, benefits, and harms is still ongoing and will never stop. Furthermore, about the number of trace elements and vitamins in dark hot chocolate has also been saying a lot. Yet, at all times, hot chocolate was and is a symbol of comfort and pleasure.

31. 12 Types of Hot Chocolate to Keep You Warm

Hot chocolate is an exquisite drink, which is not difficult to prepare with your own hands in a few steps. Several ways to prepare it from the infographic below will be a fun way to discover a new place without leaving your stove.

32. How to Spice Up Your Chocolate

Flavorful and hearty hot chocolate with spices can be made by yourself. The recipe for making such a drink at home is not complicated at all. The taste is delightful due to the spices, but the main thing is not to overdo it.

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