44 Infographics That Can Help Improve Your Cooking Skills


One of the easiest and most convenient ways to combine the information engagingly is with infographics. Using such cheat sheets, you can hone your skills in the kitchen and learn new techniques. We hope that the infographics below will help you master a few simple hacks and take them further.

1. For Metric Conversions

In almost all recipes, the ingredients needed are listed in grams. For some desserts, spoons and glasses don’t work, and it’s recommended that you buy a kitchen scale. However, if this device is not yet available in your kitchen, you will find a sample table of measures and scales below.

2. Bake Mouthwatering Cinnamon Rolls

Many people’s favorite flavorful pastries, like cinnamon rolls, can easily be made at home. They cook very quickly, and the smell of cinnamon keeps you going throughout the cooking time. In the infographic underneath, you’ll find a simple recipe for yummy cinnamon buns for your convenience.

3. Recipes For Making Soup From Scratch

What could be better than hot soup for lunch? There are more than a hundred types of soup today, divided into thousands of varieties and more subspecies. Broth contains many nutrients that make soup not only tastier and more filling but also healthier.

4. For Pasta Lovers

Pasta has now become an international culinary treasure. But, unfortunately, there’s still no definitive answer to the question of who invented pasta. In Italy, according to the rules of etiquette, pasta should be served on large flat plates. However, it is possible to check out more about this product below.

5. A Guide To Cooking And Baking Substitutions

Sometimes, when we read recipes and compare them to available products, we are disappointed. You can use the infographic of interchangeable products to make different dishes. As a result, there will be far fewer such cases.

6. Simple Tips For Meal Planning

There is a lot to be said about the benefits that come from meal planning. This practice allows you to make a balanced diet, spend less time preparing meals, and always eat deliciously. You can read about this topic in detail with the infographic beneath.

7. Kitchen Tricks And Hacks To Make You A Master In The Kitchen

Little cooking tricks in the kitchen can make life in the kitchen a lot easier. More often than not, we spend a lot of time on trivial things, and everything can be done in a minute. Discover a few new tricks in the infographic below.

8. Easy Guide To Aromatics

Since ancient times, spices and spices have been used to improve the taste and aroma of dishes. There are many different spices known, each of which gives a dish its flavor and aroma. Let’s share the secrets of their use and valuable properties following.

9. Food Facts For A Safe And Happy BBQ Season

The onset of warm spring days opens the barbecue season. High-quality tools and tasty food are the ingredients for a great barbecue. Grilling techniques include a few essential canons.

10. How To Spice Up Any Meal

In the usual sense, spices are flavor and aromatic additives to food. For many thousands of years, various spices and spices have served man faithfully. An informative guide to popular food additives can be found below.

11. Everything You Need To Know About Beef Cuts

There are many patterns for cutting beef. Different configurations of variety cuts vary from country to country, although they come out equally delicious. To ensure that your beef dishes always turn out delicious, you need to use the right meat.

12. Ultimate Grilling Guide

A barbecue is a great way to turn cooking in your backyard into a full-fledged activity. In addition, it is the equipment used for cooking by smoldering charcoal. You can read more about the intricacies of a barbecue after this.

13. How To Store Your Groceries

Knowing precisely what is in your refrigerator and where it is located will help keep food fresh longer. Not only temperature and humidity affect shelf life, but also the food itself. By following the rules in the infographic below, you can extend the life of fruits and vegetables.

14. How To Cook A Steak

With a bit of effort, you’ll have a perfectly flavorful, juicy piece of meat. To make this happen, you need to take into account a few points from the infographic underneath. The fact that adequately cooked steak combines the naturalness and professionalism of the chef.

15. Cast Iron Skillet Care Maintenance

Cast-iron skillets can be seen in almost every kitchen. Proper care of a cast-iron skillet will extend its lifespan.  As you know, this kind of cookware is just perfect when you need to cook stews and stir-fries.

16. How To Fillet A Fish

It has already been written and said a lot about the benefits of various seafood. However, many homemakers do not like to bother with cooking fish. The difficulty is to cut it properly. Learn to master the virtuosity of a fish knife with the help of the infographic below.

17. How To Brine A Turkey

In terms of gastronomy and healthy eating theory, turkey appears to be a natural gift. In a marinade for turkey, you can put different spices that combine with the fowl’s meat. A wide variety of seasonings or complex mixtures of them are used for this purpose.

18. Healthy Baking Substitutions

Some people find it insanely difficult to give up their favorite candies and cakes. The more so that you can’t eliminate all sweet foods from your diet. We suggest a fair trade with healthy alternatives for healthy eating.

19. How To Marinate All Kinds Of Foods

A marinade is a sauce consisting of a sour product and spices. They ennoble foods, give them a perfect taste and improve their appearance. It is this simple ingredient that makes food taste richer and last longer.

20. A Handy Guide To Cutting Any Recipe In Half

Many home cooks have been frustrated more than once when they find a great recipe, but the ingredients were twice as much as needed. In that case, you can quickly reduce the number of components and not worry about the taste. The amount of ingredients for any recipe is always counted through the proportion from the infographic below.

21. Guide To Cooking Grains

Improperly cooked dry cereals can cause tremendous damage to a dish. Each particle variety has specific cooking principles. You can find them in the handy infographic under.

22. How To Use Herbs In Your Cooking

Culinary herbs are those plants that we add to food to give dishes a particular flavor, accent, and pleasant aroma. Therefore, it is only essential to know how to combine them correctly with other foods. Arm yourself with our recommendations for their proper use in the kitchen from the infographic below.

23. Food That Magically Regrows Itself

You don’t have to go to the store to saturate your body with vitamins. All this can be grown on the balcony or the windowsill. In addition, such gardening will decorate your home, and all year long, you will have fresh, organic products.

24. Delicious Way To Spice Up Brown Rice

Brown rice contains many more vitamins than white rice. It also has a higher nutritional value. Rice seasoning mainly consists of spices and fragrant herbs. It is easy for rice to absorb various spicy aromas and flavors. Concerning the main types of sauces for this type of rice can be found underneath.

25. How To Grill Steaks For A Crowd So Each Is Made To Order And Done At The Exact Same Time

Despite the wide range of frying pans and ovens, grilling steak with a unique flavor is only possible. To make the perfect steak, a good recipe and lots of little cooking nuances are essential. Follow a few simple tips from the infographic below.

26. Tips For Hosting A Party

No matter how exciting and full the party program may be, detailed menu planning is essential. It can be a birthday party, catering for a wedding, a business dinner, or a graduation party. Equally important is the proper calculation of portions and drinks, and the infographic here can help.

27. Dietary Restrictions Hacks

The problem of obesity is so apparent and widespread that it has attracted the attention of the world’s organizations for many years. Combined with a sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition leads to excess body weight, which provokes a host of health problems. Conversely, the inclusion of dietary products in the diet leads to improved well-being and purification of the body.

28. Everything You Need To Know About Pressure Cooking

Cooking in the multicooker is a significant time-saving and healthy food for every day. In addition, the dishes do not lose their flavor and aroma. More about the benefits of pressure cooking can be found below.

29. Know Your Apples

Of course, everyone knows that fresh apples are delicious and healthy. These fruits contain almost all the vitamins we need for our health and many micro and macronutrients. But to appreciate the benefits of apples in their entirety is possible only for those who have these fruits on the table regularly.

30. Cheat Sheet For Clever Microwave Uses

Many people use the microwave oven at home to heat food. However, it’s a great helper that can make great quick recipes. Below we’ve compiled the best recipes for a variety of microwave meals in the shortest time possible.

31. The Chef’s Guide To Knives

Cooking can be a fascinating hobby that brings genuine pleasure. However, what it turns into for you depends on the right cooking equipment. In the infographic beneath, we’ve packed all the essentials on choosing a knife and given you step-by-step instructions.

32. Chile Pepper Heat On The Scoville Scale

Peppers are widely used in the kitchens of many different countries and peoples around the world. Today, unlike in ancient and medieval times, pepper spices are available to the general consumer. The infographic below explains the differences between such similar fruits and how to use them correctly in an easy-to-understand form.

33. How To Pick Out Perfect Vegetables

Buying vegetables is probably the most common reason for going grocery shopping. Vegetables have a tremendous culinary value, and it is impossible to imagine any kitchen without them. How to choose suitable vegetables among all the variety will help a brief instruction following.

34. Which Cooking Oils Are Best For What?

The type of oil that you use in the kitchen affects the result of the cooked food. In addition, even the best recipes can be ruined by choosing the wrong oil. Take a look at the infographic below to get a handle on this issue.

35. Easy Guide To Cooking And Eating Beans

Beans are a source of vitamins and nutrients. A serving of this product completely satisfies our daily requirement of folic acid. The most popular way to cook beans is to boil them in water. You can learn more about the benefits, cooking, and consumption of beans below.

36. How Long Will My Meat Keep?

The question of storing food in the refrigerator periodically worries everyone. Some food spoils much faster than people think. The storage of foods in the fridge, such as meat, fruits and vegetables, and fish, depends on many factors. The critical knowledge on this topic can be found beneath.

37. Easy Low-Sodium Substitutes For Cooking

One of the most popular products in cooking is salt. Without it, it isn’t easy to cook Asian-style food because of the large salt in sauces. In addition, according to a new study, a low-sodium salt substitute has a positive effect on blood pressure. To learn more about the health effects of salt substitutes, check out the infographic below.

38. Difference Between Louisiana’s Cajun Food And Creole Food

The distinction between Cajun and Creole can be discussed primarily in terms of their origins. In general, these are two terms used to refer to people who belong to some regions of South Louisiana. In the infographic following, we will look at the difference between the two groups of cuisines.

39. How To Properly Store And Cook With Fresh Herbs

Greens are an indispensable part of a healthy diet. Adding herbs to culinary masterpieces will add flavor and appetite to dishes. Cooks also use fresh herbs to decorate dishes.

40. How To Use Each Variety Of Mushrooms

There are many ways to cook mushrooms deliciously and diversely. They contain a considerable number of valuable substances for humans. At the same time, it is necessary to guarantee the safety of mushroom dishes and know the rules of gathering, preparing, and cooking this unique product.

41. Totally Сomprehensive Kitchen Cheat Sheet

We think it is needless to say how much time modern women spend in the kitchen. The infographic below contains some of the most relevant tricks for everyday life. They will make life a little easier and will be helpful in different life situations.

42. Guide To Enjoying Vegetables

In general, it is clear why vegetables are therapeutic; they are full of vitamins and minerals. Eating half a pound of different vegetables daily will provide you with everything you need. You can explore the world of vegetables in more detail with the infographic beneath.

43. Add 3 Spices To Any Meal To Make More Interesting

One of the most popular ingredients and souvenirs is spices. Every country has its own food culture, which is primarily determined by condiments and sauces. These are found in the broadest range and can give a unique taste to any dish. What herbs are commonly combined with words in different parts of the world can be found out below.

44. DIY Spice Blends You Can Make At Home

It is nice to have many spice mixes on hand in your kitchen. Good quality dry spices usually do not contain artificial flavor enhancers and salt. We offer a selection of favorite seasoning mixes of dried herbs that everyone can make in their kitchen.

Are you feeling more confident in the kitchen now? Which one of these hacks will be useful to you?

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