Christmas Cocktail Recipes for the Holidays (16 Infographics)


If you want to make your Christmas celebration extra special this year, there’s nothing better than a delicious holiday cocktail. Christmas cocktails will only take you 5-10 minutes to make, and they’ll sure to help you celebrate the holidays in good spirits. So, take a look at these 16 infographics and try one recipe or try them all, and prepared to be wowed.

1. A Christmas Day Drinking Guide

2. The Ultimate Christmas Cocktails

3. 12 Drinks of Christmas

4. Christmas Drinks from Around the World

5. Christmas Wine Cocktails Around the World

6. 20 Christmas Cocktail Recipes to Try Out at Holiday Parties

7. Sous Vide Christmas Drinks

8. 10 Delicious Christmas Cocktails

9. Christmas Alcoholic Bourbon Drink Recipes

10. Michaels Top 5 Holiday Cocktails

11. 6 Seasonal Drinks for a Flavorpul Christmas Party

12. Retro Style Christmas Cocktail

13. 6 Christmas Drinks

14. Hops for The Holidays

15. 15 Champagne Cocktails

16. Whisky Cocktails

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